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Richard Huish College is the best college in the area. It’s official!

Posted on 13th February 2017

Richard Huish College

Richard Huish College

In the latest league tables published in January 2017, by the Department for Education (DfE), Richard Huish College has excelled in all categories and surpassed all colleges in Somerset and North and Mid Devon.  The league tables set out comparisons on college performance at A level in the following categories:

• Average grade (the average grade of all students in all subjects taken)
• Value added (The increase or decrease in all student’s achievement based on their predicted outcomes from GCSE)
• Number and percentage of students achieving AAB or higher in facilitating subjects (Maths, English, Sciences, Geography, History and Modern Foreign Languages). These are subjects that the top universities in the country more frequently require for entry to degree programmes
• Grade points for a student’s best 3 A levels. Universities look at the best three grades as entry criteria, so the DfE uses this measure to compare results across the country

Huish has a wide catchment area for students, drawing from Uffculme School, Tiverton High School, West Somerset College and Huish Episcopi Academy as well as schools closer to Taunton. This is because Huish outperforms all the local Somerset colleges and Exeter College, a claim which is validated by the league tables:

A levels - Huish has the highest average grade of C+, higher than other local colleges who recorded between C and D+ average grade. The national average is a grade C.

Vocational subjects - the average grade at Huish was a Distinction*-, higher than any other local college. 

Value Added Vocational - Huish scored a positive result of +0.43, meaning that students performed significantly better than their GCSE results indicated. This is a direct comparison to other local colleges who recorded scores down to -0.49.

Facilitating Subjects - Huish students also topped the tables for the percentage of students achieving AAB in at least two facilitating subjects with 16.3%, beating the next best college, Exeter, who scored 11.8%.

Grade Points – In A Levels, Huish had a point score of 32.08, the highest of all the colleges, with the average grade a student achieves in their best three A levels being B-.

The Times Educational Supplement (TES) has also, for the second year running, nominated Richard Huish College for its Sixth Form College of the Year Award, praising it particularly for its support for students and provision of enrichment.

Principal, John Abbott commented “At Huish, we put our students at the heart of everything we do.  Students are happy, well supported and challenged. They are well informed when making their choices of a study programme and are guided to choose what suits their talents and strengths, and will also open doors to the future.  All of this, combined with the excellent teaching as evidenced by Huish's ongoing status as an Ofsted outstanding college, makes Huish the best college in the area for sixth form study. This success is now recognised by the Department for Education with the publication of these league tables.”

The DfE League Tables 2017 can be accessed here:

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Providing you with complete support!

Providing you with complete support!

Case study

Jeffrey Kwok about being an International student at Huish

Jeffrey Kwok about being an International student at Huish