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Community Travel Plan

In the Autumn of 2020, the College produced a Community Travel Plan, “Improving & Managing Access for All”.

This is a 5-year strategy which sets out the transport and travel challenges and opportunities for the College, its students and staff. It sets out a series of actions aimed at improving travel and access to and from the College and overcoming barriers to further education experienced by students. These actions, some of which require further investigation with regards to feasibility, viability and demand prior to implementation, focus on 5 key areas: programmes, physical infrastructure, engagement & influence, communication & promotion, and delivery.

The document represents a firm commitment by the College to respond positively and proactively to transport challenges for staff and students, to both the health and climate change agendas, and to support anticipated growth in student numbers in the future.

The College is now working on the proposed actions and will monitor progress against the recommendations in the Plan.

Richard Huish College Community Travel Plan Improving and Managing Access for All