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Our Results


Huish is one of the best Sixth Form Colleges in the country for results and consistently ranked highly when compared to all other educational institutions for it’s students’ added value. We are excellent at producing students who do better than expected. This means that, whatever your level of achievement at GCSE or background, if you really want to succeed, then we provide a powerful combination of excellent courses, personal support and enrichment that will ensure you get your choice of University or employment.

At A Level the Class of 2021 achieved an A*-B pass rate of 65%, and an A*-C pass rate of 85%. The overall A Level pass rate was an outstanding 99.8%. Of the students that took Vocational Extended Diplomas, 51% of grades achieved were the very highest Distinction or Distinction* grade.

An incredible 128 students achieved three or more A*/A grades in their A Levels. Huish top performers did extremely well across a very wide range of courses, with 25 students gaining straight A* grades in their A Levels. In addition, 24 students gained the very top outcome of triple Distinction* in their Vocational qualifications and on mixed programmes, a further two students achieved two A* and a D* grade.

In an extremely competitive year for Medicine and Veterinary Science courses, eight students defied the odds and successfully secured their places at University to pursue their dream careers. With acceptance rates cut this year due to oversubscription in the previous year, Huish students achieved some of the highest grades to gain their places to study Medicine or Veterinary Science at a range of top Universities including Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Plymouth, Exeter and Liverpool.

We are very proud of our consistency in helping all learners to achieve their very best.

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