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Alannah recently completed her Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship in a primary school, and below she shares her experience and advice for others who are considering a career in Teaching.

“Before I started my Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship, I thought about how I found Primary School. I remember not feeling I understood many of the activities or was understood myself. My primary school were not able to see a child in need.

“With this in my head, I knew what positivity I wanted to bring to my role which was to make sure no child felt left behind and to help pupils find ways to make themselves understood if they found this hard.

“Safeguarding is very important to me, and school is an environment where concerns about the child’s life do come to light. Being an effective Teaching Assistant can make an important difference to a child’s life.

“Undertaking the Apprenticeship, you learn how to be a great Teaching Assistant, you ascend your learning and set goals, so you become experienced, confident and your best.

“Childhood is fun, turbulent, and curious; working with children at school can be soul rewarding. You meet so many unique pupils and it is a joy supporting them.

“Finding solutions to help support children with Special Educational Needs can mean so much to the wellness of the child. You do make a difference to the children you work with.

“I was not confident that I would be knowledgeable in all subjects though you learn as you go along, teachers will let you know the information needed and pupils appreciate honesty, if you don’t know, you can find out, and that is ok.

“The lecturers are very supportive and always have your best interests. The College day is really enjoyable and the content is fascinating.

“I enjoyed learning about childhood theorists as you can see these behaviours right in front of you at school and maybe you will begin to even develop your own theories of the workings of childhood.

“I really hope you will enjoy this Apprenticeship, honestly you will meet kind, challenging, cool and eccentric pupils but they will make your working day so rewarding. At the end of the year, you may get these wonderful thank you cards, and my goodness you feel so exceptional!”

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