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Applied Biomedical Science: Extended Diploma

This practical course focuses on technical laboratory skillls and is suited to students who are looking for grounding in all three of the major science disciplines. In your second year you will specialise in biomedical science.


Applied Forensic Science: Extended Diploma

This practical course focuses on technical laboratory skillls and is suited to students who are looking for grounding in all three of the major science disciplines. In your second year you will specialise in forensic science.

Applied Science: Extended Certificate

This is a practical course which focuses on technical laboratory skills, it is suited to students who are looking for grounding in all three of the major science disciplines.


Art: A Level

The course focuses on drawing from observations and visual communication of ideas and throughout you will build a creative portfolio of work.

Biology: A Level

This course will introduce you to the new advances being made in modern Biology. You will develop experimental skills and gain an understanding of how to plan, analyse and evaluate experimental procedures.

Business: A Level

You will get an insight into the diverse range of activities a business engages in, studying local, national and global businesses and looking at them in a variety of different contexts.


Business, Marketing and Management: Extended Certificate/Extended Diploma

You will study a wide range of businesses, looking at how they are run, how they decide on a product or service, where they locate and how they promote themselves. You will gain skills such as report writing, planning, presenting and marketing.


Chemistry: A Level

Chemistry builds upon topics previously studied at GCSE including Organic Chemistry, rates and reversible reactions and mole calculations.


Classical Civilisation: A Level

Classical Civilisation is the study of Ancient Greeks and Romans. You will study art, mythology, literature, society, and political history.

Computer Science: A Level

Computer Science will give you a greater understanding of the mathematical, scientific and engineering principles of computer systems.

Core Maths: Level 3 Sixth Form Course

This one year course is suitable for those who want to uphold their mathematical skills to support other Level 3 courses without taking A Level Mathematics.

Criminology: Extended Certificate

This course aims to provide knowledge and understanding of crime and the criminal justice system.


Digital IT and Computing: Extended Certificate/Extended Diploma

Throughout this course you will develop an understanding of the technologies used in business and develop your employability skills to prepare you for a digital career.


Drama: Extended Certificate

Drama will you give you the opportunity to develop your individual creativity and broaden your understanding of the demands of theatre.

Economics: A Level

You will need a strong interest in current affairs and to be comfortable working with numbers. You will develop skills to understand and analyse data, think critically about issues and make informed decisions.

Education and Childcare: Extended Diploma

This course will provide you with the essential skills and licence needed to become an Early Years Educator, enabling you to work with children aged 5 and below.


English Language and Linguistics: A Level

This course explores the English language in all its forms; how it works, how it is developed and how different individuals use it.


English Literature: A Level

You will study a variety of texts, including plays, poetry and novels. You will develop key literary analysis skills, be encouraged to form your own opinions and will be required to read a wide range of texts.

Environmental Science: A Level

You will gain a scientific understanding of how the earth functions, focusing on the science behind environmental issues and seeing what actions are currently taking place to save our planet.


EPQ (Extended Project Qualification): Sixth Form Course

EPQ is a research project available to Level 3 students in their second year worth 50% of an A Level. The project will help improve your critical, reflective and independent learner skills.

French: A Level

You will improve your French skills to a level where you are able to communicate effectively in both verbal and written French.

Geography: A Level

Geography explores both physical and human geography, looking at global questions in more depth and providing you with a greater understanding of the fragile relationship between people and the planet.

Geology: A Level

You will investigate the clues that indicate how, when and what environment rocks and minerals were formed in millions of years ago. You will also cover topics such as plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes.

German: A Level

You will improve your German skills to a level where you are able to communicate effectively in both verbal and written German.

Graphic Design: A Level

This course will provide you with a broad introduction to traditional art-based and digital design processes.

Health and Social Care: Extended Certificate/Extended Diploma

This course is suited to those hoping to pursue careers within Social Work, Midwifery, Nursing, Paramedic Science and many more.

History (Early Modern): A Level

Early Modern History includes; Religious Conflict and the Church in England (c1529-c1570), The French Revolution and the Portuguese Empire.


History (Late Modern): A Level

Looking at time periods ranging from 1800 all the way to 2007, History will broaden your interests by examining historical issues, challenging existing orthodoxies and engaging in historical debates.


Law: A Level

Law will help you develop good powers of reasoning. You will cover a wide range of topics including; criminal courts, magistrates, juries and law-making.

Mathematics: A Level

Mathematics is for students with a real passion for all things Maths. Problem solving is a large part of this course and you will be required to think more deeply and creatively than you have at GCSE.


Mathematics (Further): A Level

Further Mathematics is a double A Level course that covers much of the content covered in Mathematics A Level, before moving on to explore the more complex topics.

Media Production: Extended Certificate/Extended Diploma

This course will teach you the skills needed to pursue careers in Television, Film and Radio.


Music: A Level

You will perform, compose and study music, covering both academic and practical aspects of the subject.


Music Performance: Extended Certificate

You will work as part of a production team; choosing repertoire, writing your own songs, designing promotional materials and working on a budget, to put on a major music concert.

Music Performance and Production: Extended Diploma

This course is for anyone with a genuine interest in working within the Music Industry. You will be given the opportunity to submerge yourself in into every aspect of music making focusing on topics such as; production, performance, marketing and promotion.

Music Production: Extended Certificate

You will look at every aspect of the technology used to create, manipulate and capture music through practical work that includes writing, recording and producing music.

Philosophy, Religion & Ethics: A Level

This course is for students of any religious persuasion and prides itself on being open minded. You will study religion in its contemporary setting, looking at what belief means and what it may mean in the future.


Photography: A Level

You will build a creative portfolio, showcasing work produced in a photographic studio, darkroom and out on location, demonstrating both film and digital photography.


Physical Education: A Level

Physical Education combines both physical performance and academic challenge to give students an insight into sports performance.

Physics: A Level

Physics is for anyone curious about the world around them, those who want to know how things work and the fundamental nature of the universe.

Politics: A Level

Politics is for students with a strong interest in current affairs. You will focus on both UK and US politics and be encouraged to discuss the key political events of the week on a regular basis.

Psychology: A Level

You will explore why people and animals behave in the way they do. You will develop key essay writing skills whilst exploring both scientific and theoretical theories of behaviour and the mind.

Public Services (Uniformed Protective Services): Extended Diploma

This course provides you with the essential skills needed for a wide range of careers that involve supporting the public, these include working within; the armed services, the police force, local authorities and central government.

Sociology: A Level

You will develop your understanding of people and how they are affected by the world around them and build your critical and analytical skills in relation to your everyday life.


Spanish: A Level

You will improve your existing Spanish skills to communicate effectively and discover the rich culture of Spain.

Sport, Exercise and Coaching: Extended Diploma

This course is both a theoretical and practical course that gives students an insight into the different career paths sport has to offer. You will gain practical experience of training and exercise and explore the physiological effects this has on our anatomy.