Two people looking at a computerApprenticeships are for all ages and can be taken at any stage in your career

Apprenticeships are a good alternative to university and many can be started without prior qualifications. They allow you to start earning while gaining valuable work experience and nationally recognised qualifications along the way. Huish has a variety of Apprenticeships available with qualifications available up to Level 7, so whether you are just starting out, or looking to propel your career further, an Apprenticeship could be perfect for you.

Employers all over the country recognise and value qualifications earned through Apprenticeships as they show that you have been trained in the skills they need, are work ready, qualified and competent.

Some of the qualifications we offer can also be completed outside an Apprenticeship at cost if this is preferred by the learner/employer. You can find additional information about being an Adult Learner at Huish in our Professional Courses section.

During the 18 month Apprenticeship, I have learnt and developed a lot of knowledge and skills through both my workplace and at College. I have been supported by my Assessor/Tutor and have always been able to ask for more support when needed. I have enjoyed completing the Apprenticeship.

Emily May, Teaching Assistant Apprentice

Finding the right career

We offer Apprenticeships across a number of job sectors including Accountancy (AAT & ACCA), Business Administration, Customer Services, Payroll, Leadership and Management, Health Care, Health & Social Care, Information Technology and Education, Training and Childcare. We are continually increasing our range of Apprenticeships so browse our current qualifications here.

What level Apprenticeship suits you?

Level 1 and 2 courses: These typically require no prior knowledge and are designed to support the learner in gaining practical skills to improve performance in the workplace.

Level 3 courses: These are aimed at learners with a level of experience or prior learning. This may include a Level 2 qualification or relevant work experience.

Level 4 qualifications (university level and above): These allow those learners with a significant range of experience or prior achievement to develop their skills even further. A Level 3 or equivalent qualification is usually required to move onto this level.

Level 5 qualifications and above (university and post-graduate level): These are suitable for individuals who wish to gain an understanding of strategic decision making or who wish to develop high level specialist skills in support of business.

Feeling lost?

If you’re feeling uncertain about where to begin or unsure about what you are looking for then don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal chat to get a better idea about the options we have waiting for you.

How do I Apply?

Applying for an Apprenticeship is like applying for a job. You can apply for an Apprenticeship at any point during the year as they are not restricted to an academic calendar. For more information visit our Application page.

View our current vacancies. 

How long does an Apprenticeship take to complete?

Apprenticeships typically take between one and four years to complete, depending on the type of framework or standard. There is no set time to complete an Apprenticeship as they vary widely in content and size.

How much time will I spend on the Richard Huish College campus?

As an employee you will be in work place for the majority of your time as most training takes place on the job. You will attend College for off-the-job training on a day release basis depending on your qualification.

How are Apprenticeships assessed?

Apprenticeships are designed with the help of Employers in the industry, so they offer a structured programme that takes you through the skills you need to do a job well. There are targets and checks to make sure that your employer is supporting you and you are making progress. You will be asked to complete assignments for each unit of your Apprenticeship.

Can I do an Apprenticeship with my current employer?

Yes, If your current employer is happy to support your chosen Apprenticeship than they should contact us and we will liaise with them how to start your Apprenticeship.

Visit our Professional Courses page to find out more about all qualifications and bespoke training available at Richard Huish College.

How much will an Apprentice cost me?
Wage – the average salary for a first-time Apprentice is between £8,000 – £10,000 per annum. The minimum they must be paid is £3.90. If an Apprentice is aged 19 or over they must be on National Minimum Wage after 12 months of their programme. Course Fees – Course fees are dependent on employer size and age of Apprentice.

What about Contract of Employment?
If you are taking on a new Apprentice, the Apprentice must have a contract of employment. We advise you to make this a fixed term contract linked to the length of their Apprenticeship programme and we would advise you to have the word ‘Apprentice’ in their job title. They must work a minimum of 30 hours per week, including the time spent at Richard Huish College. They should have a named supervisor and if they are under the age of 18 they should not be working alone. They will generally have the same terms and conditions as other employees within your organisation e.g holiday entitlement, hours of work.

What is the Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Policy?
Watch the film below by ESFA for more information about the Apprenticeship levy transfer policy.

ESFA film about the Apprenticeship levy transfer policy

What support will you receive from Richard Huish College?
  • Recruitment and interview process
  • Apprenticeship sign up
  • Visits from Assessor (except AAT) every 6-8 weeks
  • Richard Huish College Teacher/Tutor
  • Regular review meetings with an Assessor
  • Additional Support from Student Services if required
  • Information, Advice and Guidance during the programme

Apprenticeship Training Service Agreement for employers

Watch our films below for more information about Apprenticeships with Huish.

Sophie Bean – Business Admin Level 2

Sophie Bean, Winner of Intermediate Apprentice of the Year and Jo Mellor of Huish Apprenitceships.

Sophie Bean, Winner of Intermediate Apprentice of the Year and Jo Mellor of Huish Apprenticeships.

In my role of Apprenticeship Recruitment Administrator at Richard Huish College, I am responsible for carrying out administrative duties for my team of 6 and supporting the recruitment process to applicants that have applied for our vacancies. Providing quality customer service to our internal and external customers I have helped several learners gain Apprenticeships in their interested field by giving advice and guidance on their applications, interviews and overall Apprenticeship experience.

Before starting my Apprenticeship, I was at a loss with what I was going to do with my career, I worked in a Supermarket and had no experience of working within an office environment. As an A Level graduate, I knew I didn’t want to go to University but I wanted to gain further qualifications in Business, so I started looking at Apprenticeships and realised it was the perfect route for me.

My Apprenticeship will allow me to gain an additional, nationally recognised qualification whilst working within a job role that I am fully interested in. My confidence has grown massively since starting my Apprenticeship and I am fully motivated, determined and committed to being the best that I can possibly be. I have been able to learn on the job and build upon my skills and knowledge, choosing my course units based upon my interests and frequent tasks at work. I recently won the Intermediate Apprentice of the Year at the Grow Somerset Talent Awards which was a massive accomplishment for myself and I hope will inspire others to strive forward when applying for Apprenticeships.

Within 3 months of starting my job role, I had introduced and implemented a new filing system for our Apprentices’ enrolment documents that improved our way of storing and retrieving information safely and has meant that our organisational process and structure has improved. As an effect of this new system, it has meant that we are being more productive and are increasing our customer’s levels of satisfaction. The feedback for this new system from my colleagues has been all positive. Implementing this system so early on into my Apprenticeship showed my employer and my colleagues that I have the initiative, diligence and resourcefulness that is needed to successfully complete this Apprenticeship.

I am currently 6 months into my Apprenticeship and I am on 58% which is 20% higher than where my target is on VQ Manager. This has been a huge achievement for me as I was never one to massively succeed in school due to finding the exam based learning quite difficult. Now my learning is done through knowledge and observations, I really feel that I have been able to find and fulfil my full potential which is a huge motivator for me. After completing my Apprenticeship, I would love to gain a permanent role in the position I am in now and progress onto Business Administration Level 3 to gain a further qualification for myself and to prove that I can succeed.

Sophie Bean has now been given a permanent position at Richard Huish College as an Apprenticeship & Adult Skills Recruitment Administrator.