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Level 3 Vocational & A Level Courses

Level 3 Study Programmes are two years in length and you must select a core of three (units) subjects.

The core of your Study Programme can consist of:

  • 3 A Level qualifications
  • A mixture of 3 A Level or Vocational (Extended Certificate) qualifications
  • A singular Vocational (Extended Diploma) qualification – this qualification is equivalent to 3 A Levels or Extended Certificates; it will occupy a similar portion of your timetable and have a similar UCAS tariff points value

All combinations of Level 3 qualifications are equally valued by employers and universities but depending on your chosen career path and preferred method of study one combination may be a more suitable choice.

If you are unsure about what you want to study then don’t panic, you will have many opportunities to discuss your Study Programme and can find out more by speaking to our staff, joining us for our Open Events or watching our preparation film.

For more information on the application process visit Apply Here.

Alongside the core components of your Study Programme you can take part in Enrichment activities or smaller qualifications.

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A Levels follow a traditional method of study similar to GCSEs. We are one of the best Sixth Form Colleges in England, proven by our consistent rankings in the top ten for A Level performance.

The linear A Levels we offer are designed to be demanding with great subject depth. This depth of study will enable students to have an improved understanding of the subject and be more skilled and better prepared for university and employment.

A Levels open doors to Higher Education. They are recognised by all universities in the UK as valid for entry onto academic degree courses. You will be awarded a grade at the end of the course which will equate to UCAS tariff points for entry into Universities. Alternatively, if you wish to go straight into work or an Apprenticeship, A Levels will give you a solid knowledge and skill set welcomed by employers.

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Our Level 3 Vocational courses are qualifications that provide an alternative method to A Levels and aim to provide students with the essential skills and knowledge needed for future study or careers.

Vocational courses are a flexible, practical approach to study which are assessed through a series of assignments rather than extensive external examinations. Please note Vocational courses can still include an externally examined unit.

Teachers create assignments that assess students in a variety of ways. These could be written or activity based and give students the chance to demonstrate their learning in a real life context. For some courses students can apply their knowledge and skills through work experience.

Which type of Vocational course is right for you?

You can study a Vocational qualification in two ways:

1. Extended Certificate (equivalent to 1 A Level): Extended Certificate qualifications can be studied alongside two A Levels or another Extended Certificate and an A Level.


2. Extended Diploma: an Extended Diploma is a full-time, two year course equivalent to 3 A Levels. It will occupy the same amount of your timetable as 3 A Levels would and equate to a similar UCAS tariff value upon completion. These are great qualifications if you are certain of the future career field you wish to work in.

Progress with a Level 3 Vocational Qualification

Vocational courses open doors to Higher Education. They are recognised by all universities in the UK as valid for entry onto academic degree courses. Vocational courses are graded from Distinction* to Pass and carry equivalent UCAS tariff points to A Levels. Alternatively, if you wish to go straight into work or an Apprenticeship, Vocational courses will give you a solid foundation of work skills needed within your chosen sector and are welcomed by employers.

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Huish 30

College is unlike school in many ways, as an adult the emphasis is on you to take more responsibility for your own learning to ensure your success. An important life skill you will need to practise and master for life beyond Huish is managing your time productively. We would like to introduce you to the Huish 30, our recommendation of how to balance your time and a proven recipe for success at College. 

You core Study Programme will consist of 15 hours of lessons spread across Monday – Friday (3 lessons a week per subject – 2 hrs or 1.5 hrs in duration). You will be registered in your lessons and your weekly tutorial. When you do not have a lesson or tutorial you are free to use your time as your wish and can leave the campus. 

It is highly recommended you participate in 12 hours further study outside of the classroom. There are many ways we can support you during the college day on campus to become an independent learner. You will find fully equipped study spaces around the campus including the Learning Centre where our helpful staff are always on hand to answer your queries. We also offer plenty of Student Support if you would like additional guidance. 

It’s very important you make time for your wellbeing and there are plenty of new opportunities to develop yourself and just have fun at Huish! We recommend dedicating at least 3 hours of your college week to interests beyond your academic Study Programme. To help your personal development you will have a 1.5 hour timetabled tutorial each week. Many students favourite part of being at Huish is getting involved with an Enrichment activity. Your timetable is designed to allow you to add in fun activities within your college week.

Huish 30 poster with target design


For a Level 3 Study Programme you need to achieve five GCSEs at C/4 grade or above including Mathematics and English Language or Literature. For some courses there may be additional requirements (please refer to the individual course page for details).

If you have concerns about achieving the grades then aim high and do apply for the course you want to do. We will offer you guidance following your application to help you reach the destination you are working towards.