Level 3 Vocational & A Level Courses

Level 3 Study Programmes are two years in duration. You may choose:

All options occupy the same amount of time in a student timetable and will help you progress on to university or employment as they are worth a similar value in UCAS tariff points. 

Alongside the core components of your Study Programme you can add EnRICH activities or smaller qualifications (e.g. EPQ, Core Maths, AS Levels) to your timetable.

A Levels

A Levels follow a traditional method of study similar to GCSEs and our students have a reputation for outstanding A Level performance and achieving beyond their original expectations.

The linear A Levels we offer are designed to be demanding with great subject depth and will improve your understanding of a subject to prepare you for your next steps.

A Levels are well recognised by universities and employers and in some cases may be the preferred qualification for particular degrees and professions – this is also true of Vocational qualifications so if you have a career goal in mind please speak to our staff and we will be able to advise you of the most appropriate qualification for your plans.

Vocational Qualifications

Vocational qualifications provide a practical approach to learning where the skills you develop are assessed through a series of assignments rather than extensive external examinations (please note, some courses may still include some examined units).

Assignments can take many forms, and will vary depending on the subject you study, but may be written (e.g. report, portfolio) or activity based (e.g. performance, presentation, observation). Alongside building your knowledge in a subject, Vocational courses challenge you to apply your learning to real-life contexts (e.g. hosting/performing at an event) and you may get the opportunity to demonstrate your skills through work experience.

Extended Certificates (and similar vocational qualifications) are equivalent to one A level whereas Extended Diplomas and T Levels are the equivalent value of three A Levels. Extended Diplomas/T Levels are a good option if you are certain of the career you wish to pursue.

Vocational courses are graded from Distinction* to Pass and carry equivalent UCAS tariff points to A Levels to provide entry into University. Alternatively, if you wish to go straight into work or an Apprenticeship, Vocational courses will give you a solid foundation of work skills needed within your chosen sector and are welcomed by employers.

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Your Timetable and Huish 30

The core of your Study Programme (your chosen 3 units) will total 15 hours of lessons per week. You have 3 lessons per week for each unit you study, lessons are either 1.5 or 2 hours long. You will be registered in your lessons and your weekly tutorial. When you do not have a lesson or tutorial you are free to use your time as your wish and can leave the campus.

College is unlike school in many ways, as an adult the emphasis is on you to take more responsibility for your learning to ensure your success. An important life skill you will need to practise and master for life beyond Huish is managing your time productively. We would like to introduce you to the Huish 30, our recommendation of how to balance your time and a proven recipe for success at College.

It is highly recommended you participate in 12 hours of further study outside of the classroom. You may wish to do this in your evening, many of our online resources are accessible from home, but if you like to keep your evenings free, you’ll discover your timetable is designed to allow you to complete all your independent study within the College day. You will find fully equipped study spaces around the campus, including the Learning Centre where our helpful staff are on hand to answer your queries. We also offer plenty of Student Support if you would like additional guidance.

We want you to enjoy college and to feel you got more than just great grades during your time with us. For your wellbeing, we suggest dedicating at least 3 hours of your college week to interests outside your academic Study Programme. To help your personal development you will have a 1.5 hour timetabled tutorial each week and through our EnRICH programme we hope to offer you lots of opportunities to have fun and explore new interests here on campus. Many students’ favourite part of Huish is getting involved with EnRICH and our dedicated EnRICH days. 

Discover our EnRICH programme
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Entry Requirements

For all Level 3 courses, you will need five GCSEs at grade 9-4 (or equivalent), including Mathematics, and English Language or Literature.

For some courses there may be additional requirements, please refer to the individual course pages for details.

If you have concerns about achieving the grades then aim high and apply for the course you want to do. We will offer you guidance following your application to help you towards your chosen path.


Do I have to wear a uniform?

No, at Huish we do not have a uniform. We encourage all students to be individual and are committed to equality and diversity, which means that everyone is treated fairly and is allowed to be themselves without fear of ridicule.

Do I need to study a specific subject to take part in related EnRICH activities?

No, we have a wide range of EnRICH activities and whilst some could support your chosen academic studies you do not need to be studying a similar subject to take part. For example, you do not need to study Sport/PE to be a part of our sports teams or study Drama to join Performing Arts EnRICH.

Will I be in the same class as my friends?

We are fully aware of how daunting the start of college may seem, however, college life is all about becoming an independent learner and studying the subjects that help you to meet your aspirations.

There are many social spaces on campus for you to meet up with friends during break times or free periods.

Huish is also a great place to make new friends, whether that be through your subjects or EnRICH activities.

Can I visit Huish to find out more?

Absolutely! We host Open Events in the Autumn and Spring terms which will be advertised on our Events page as dates are released. We can also offer tours of the campus and our student accommodation

There is a specific career I want to go into, what subjects should I take?

Our Careers & Progression team can offer you advice on courses that match your career plans and are available to speak to at our Open Events. You can also talk to our School Liasion team when they visit your school or get in touch with us to discuss your aspirations further. 

Your future goals will be discussed at your Advice and Guidance session following your application and you’ll be offered further guidance if needed about which subject combinations are best suited to your plans.

When should I apply?

Our online application process opens for Year 11 in November. Once we have received your application, we will schedule you an appointment to meet us. You can apply right up until September, however, the majority of applications are submitted between November and April.

I am unsure what to study, can I change my courses after I apply?

Yes, you can change your Study Programme right up until you enrol.

When you apply you will be invited to an Advice and Guidance session where we can discuss your future goals and chosen Study Programme with you so you can feel confident in your choice/s.

In the summer before you join we launch the Huish Headstart programme. This gives you a chance to trial the type of work you can expect on your courses. It can be very useful to identify if your strengths are suited to a subject.

Applicants are also invited to ‘Welcome to Huish’ in the summer to trial their chosen Study Programme. 

Can I trial my lessons?

All applicants are invited to ‘Welcome to Huish’ in the summer before they join to trial their Study Programme and we host experience days for school pupils. Some Experience Days are organised directly with local schools and take place during the school day whilst others will be advertised on our Events page. 

Experience Days allow you to sit in lessons with our students, in subjects that you have chosen. It is a great way to meet teachers and current students, experience teaching styles and life inside our classrooms, and ask any questions you have about the subjects. Experience Days include break times for you to enjoy the buzz and lively atmosphere we have throughout our campus.

What happens if I don't achieve the entry requirements?

Working hard now will prepare you for the exciting challenges of your Study Programme and make it easier for you to reach those ultimate goals. However, if you do not achieve the results you expect, but are determined to succeed, please contact us to discuss your options and find out more about the support available including GCSE resits.