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Apply for Huish Sixth Form (A Level or Vocational Study Programmes)

If you have any queries about our admissions processes please give us a call on 01823 320 800 or email

The number of places available at Huish is not limited and you can apply right up until the Autumn term begins however we strongly recommended you apply early (November – February) to benefit from the support we offer.

Below are the steps you will go through to become a student here. Following your application we will provide you with personalised guidance to ensure you feel confident in your future plan. You are able to change your decision about your selected Study Programme right up until you enrol.

1. Application

Applying online through our application portal is the quickest way to get your application to us. Please check your email regularly as we will send your ‘Advice and Guidance’ appointment to the address you supply when you register.

Complete the Online Application Form to join us in September 2022


2. Advice and Guidance Session (Interview)

Once your application has been processed, we will invite you to come in to chat about your application in an Advice and Guidance session. Sometimes this is referred to as an interview but it is nothing to worry about. The purpose of the appointment is to ensure you feel confident in all aspects of your chosen Study Programme. By getting to know you and your goals we can give you additional advice and information about selecting the right Study Programme for you. You can dress informally and enjoy this opportunity to find out more about Huish. For applicants living at a considerable distance this can be a virtual/telephone appointment.

Please note due to the number of applications we receive it can take a few weeks to receive an appointment date. Waiting times will vary depending on your selected Study Programme so please do not panic if friends receive appointments before you. There are enough spaces on our courses for everyone applying ahead of September.

At the end of your appointment we shall offer you a Study Programme and confirm the entry requirements required for your chosen courses. For an A Level/Level 3 Vocational Study Programme you need to achieve five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including Mathematics and English (Language or Literature). For some courses there may be additional requirements (please refer to the individual course page for details).

3. Headstart Programme and Welcome to Huish (Taster Days)

You will be sent information about our Headstart Programme in the Summer term. The programme is designed to help you familiarise yourself with the type of work you will be completing at Huish. The programme includes our ‘Welcome to Huish’ events in July where you can trial your lessons and meet other students before you join us in September.

4. GCSE Results Day

We wish you the best of luck with your GCSEs. If your grades meet the entry requirements then your next step will be to join us at enrolment. If you don’t get the grades you require for your selected course we still have many options for your next step. Please check our website for details of our events taking place on GCSE results day or give us a call to discuss your options.

5. Enrolment

You will be sent an appointment time to enrol on one of our Enrolment dates that take place at the end of August. If you are unable to attend due to special circumstances, you can enrol on your first day. At enrolment you will:

  • Meet with your Enrolment Advisor (please bring a photocopy of your GCSE results)
  • Pay the Huish Experience Fee
  • Have your photo taken for your Student ID Card. Smile please!
  • Login to the Huish Computer Network and receive your Huish email.

We can’t wait for you to join us and remember we want you to feel comfortable before you commence your Study Programme at Huish, if you have any questions throughout the application process, your circumstances change, or you wish to alter your Study Programme please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Joining us from outside the UK

We are delighted to have students join us from outside the UK and can accept applications from anyone who meets the ESFA funding criteria.

Our International Student and Accommodation Coordinator, Maria Smith, can help you with your application and answer any questions you may have about moving to study in the UK ahead of your application.

Huish has a number of international agents that we work with. You can apply through an agent, or directly to our Admissions team. For a full list of agents, please contact us.

To apply please complete our Applications from outside the UK application form for entry in September 2022 and return this to

Following your application you will be invited to an Advice & Guidance session (interview). For students living abroad this can be a virtual appointment (Skype/Zoom etc.). The purpose of the appointment is to ensure you feel confident in all aspects of your chosen Study Programme. By getting to know you and your goals we can give you additional advice and information about selecting the right Study Programme for you. You can dress informally and enjoy this opportunity to find out more about Huish.

If you require boarding, please discuss this at your Advice and Guidance session and complete an Accommodation Registration Form (please visit Huish Boarding for full information).

For further information, please contact Maria Smith at or telephone 0044 (0)01823 320800.

Further Information about joining Huish from outside the UK


Apply to Board

Have you considered boarding or flexi-boarding at Huish? Oak House Student Accommodation is just a short walk from campus.

Visit our Huish Boarding page for more information.

Oak House

Apply for an Apprenticeship

You can apply to begin an Apprenticeship at any time of the year.

If you are not already employed you apply for Apprenticeships in the same way as you would for a job. View our Apprenticeship vacancies to see what positions are currently advertised or contact the Apprenticeship team to discuss upcoming roles. If shortlisted for the role you will be invited to attend an interview for the position. Our Apprenticeship team can help you prepare for your interview if your would like some guidance.

If you already have an employer or have found an employer who is happy to support you through the Apprenticeship Programme, please contact the Apprenticeship team who will liaise with you and your employer to arrange the start of your Apprenticeship.

If you would like to find out further information or would like advice on completing the application please contact the Apprenticeship team for an appointment.

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Qualifications for adults


To apply to study the AAT or ACCA qualification please download an enrolment form and return to If you have any queries a please email If you wish to complete an ACCA exam as an external candidate please contact our exams team.

Other qualifications

Our Apprenticeship team will be able to help if you would like to undertake any of our Apprenticeships or adult learning courses please contact us to discuss a starting point and details of how to apply.

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