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Huish Policies

Click here to view our policy documents including our Health and Safety policy and Corporation Complaints Procedure. 

Equality and Diversity

The College promotes equality of opportunity for all students in terms of both access to and content of the teaching curriculum and support services.

All students will be encouraged to achieve their potential, and expected to recognise and respect the worth of all individuals irrespective of social and cultural backgrounds, race, disability, gender, sexuality, age, religion or belief or any other individual difference.

Click here to view the College's /404Equality and Diversity policies.

Safeguarding and Prevent


If you are concerned about your well being or you have concerns about another student please tell us. We have lots of ways of supporting you. If you are worried that another student is being badly influenced by someone else, please tell us. We have a legal duty to PREVENT radicalisation. 


/404Click here for more information about the College safeguarding policy and who to contact.

Student Services

Providing you with complete support!

Providing you with complete support!