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Year 2 Extended Diploma Business students were recently joined by Helen Lacey from HR GO to help support students with their Unit 8 Recruitment and Selection assessments. During the session Helen spoke on why it is important to make a good first impression within the recruitment stages. Helen also gave advice on how to best write CVs and cover letters and some tips they can use when being interviewed.

Students spoke on the experience saying “Helen was very bubbly and engaged well with the class. I found her talk session very useful as it went into the subject we are currently studying in detail which gave me a further understanding. I also found it very helpful from the point of view that she was from outside the College and deals with CV’s and cover letters every day which gave me an outside perspective on what employers would really want”. Another student said “The talk was very useful because she gave us good information to use to improve our CV, cover letter and in an interview. Giving us examples of good and bad CVs gave us a good idea what to do or avoid. I have gained more information on how to make my CV stronger and make sure I have all the key information required to have a strong CV”.

Helen was very impressed with the passion exhibited from the learners saying “I found the students in both groups very engaging, keen and eager. They were polite and happy to contribute, I would be more than happy to return to further support them”. Course Manager for BTEC Business, Sharon Williams shared her thoughts on the lesson “Helen showed great knowledge and enthusiasm for the recruitment sector which I hope has raised aspirations with our students. Real life examples and experiences are what makes BTEC Business a fantastic course option. She engaged well with our students and the feedback from students demonstrates how useful and uplifted they found the experience. Thank you Helen!”.