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The government have announced that the cash incentive scheme that was introduced in August 2020 to support employers to recruit new Apprentices will not only be extended but increased. Financially, the coming months are an opportune time for businesses to recruit Apprentices as they can receive up to £4,000 per hire.

If you are considering Apprenticeships for the first time, Huish Apprenticeships can fully support you to access these government incentives, select the right Apprenticeships for your work place and to recruit candidates. Our team specialise in creating bespoke Apprenticeship training schemes with local businesses to help them tailor their workforce for their precise needs.

The current incentive scheme offers employers £2,000 to take on Apprentices aged 16 to 24, or £1,500 for anyone 25 years or over. This will now increase to a massive £3,000 per hire from 1st April 2021, applicable to Apprentices of any age. This means firms can now equally benefit when recruiting Apprentices with more years of experience for their higher level positions.

Due to run until 30th September 2021, this incentive is in addition to an existing £1,000 payment already provided when recruiting new Apprentices aged 16 to 18 (and those under 25 with an Education, Health and Care Plan), meaning that some employers could receive £4,000 in total.

If you would be interested in adding Apprentices to your business contact David Roberts, Employer and Business Development Coordinator on, 01823 424603 or visit We offer Apprenticeships in Business Admin, Customer Service, Accountancy, Team Leading and Management and opportunities in Health Care, Health and Social Care and Education and Training.