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What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships allow you to start work and earn a decent wage while learning new skills and gaining valuable work experience. You will earn and learn gaining nationally recognised qualifications along the way.


Employers all over the country recognise and value Apprenticeships as they show that you have been trained in the skills they need, are work ready, qualified and competent.


Apprenticeships typically take between one and four years to complete, depending on the type of framework. There is no set time to complete an Apprenticeship as they vary widely in content and size. The length of time taken will depend on your ability and the employer’s requirements.

Apprenticeships are designed with the help of Employers in the industry, so they offer a structured programme that takes you through the skills you need to do a job well. There are targets and checks to make sure that your employer is supporting you and you are making progress.

As an employee you will be in employment for the majority of your time as most training takes place on the job. You will attend Richard Huish College for off-the-job training on a day release basis.

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Providing you with complete support!