PASS RATE: 100% IN 2019

This course provides an insight into the diverse range of activities businesses engage in. Focusing on businesses in a variety of different contexts you will discover how local, national and global businesses run. This course has a clear focus on leadership and decision making and is suitable for individuals who have a general interest in the business world as well as individual’s that imagine a future as self-employed or in a managerial position.

Possible future career paths include Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Finance and General or Commercial Management.

This course can give you the tools and information required to understand how businesses are created, managed and become successful. You will develop a range of transferable skills such as numerical skills, analytical skills, decision making, problem solving and develop both your written and oral communication. You will be expected to write extended essays, learn a range of theoretical business models and numerical formulas. This course has a balance of written and essay based activities, as well as numerical aspects, and therefore compliments a range of A Level options.

“Business has given me a valuable insight into how commerce and companies are structured and how they work to achieve goals. Choosing Huish has given me the best possible ladder for my future success and has given me all the opportunities I need.”

Business A Level Student

In Year 1 you will study a range of business objectives and look at how a business operates in the external environment. There is a clear focus on decision making and you will investigate a range of functional areas such as Human Resources, Marketing, Operations and Finance. In Year 2 you will be introduced to higher level and strategic decision making within a business. There is a focus on how businesses are positioned within the market and they manage strategic change.

Level 3 standard entry requirements: 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above including Mathematics and English (Lang or Lit).

How will I be assessed in A Level Business?
There is no coursework for Business A Level and you will be assessed on 3 final exams that are each two hours long. There are considerable demands in terms of extended essay writing, including analysis and higher level evaluation. In addition there is a significant amount of mathematical content and numerical calculations linked to business activities.

Will I be expected to keep up to date with Business and current affairs?
Yes, you will be asked to review Business case studies and current affairs on a regular basis. You will be expected to apply your knowledge, business models and theories to current business events and the political and economic environment.