Business, Marketing and Management


This course provides insight into many different sectors of Business including Marketing, Financing and Accounting, Human Resources, Recruitment, Event Management, Retail, International Business and Economics.

You will study a range of business models, understand business operations and investigate and evaluate many theories associated with certain sectors.

We continually develop links with external businesses to provide you with up-to-date information, and so you can interact with real businesses. 

This course provides you with applied information and knowledge into the world of business to understand how businesses operate on a local, national and global basis.

You can select to study either an Extended Certificate or an Extended Diploma:

The Extended Certificate is equivalent to one A Level. It combines particularly well with the following subjects: Law, Sociology, Psychology, English, Sport, Languages and Mathematics.

The Extended Diploma is equivalent to three A Levels and carries the same UCAS points tariff, so you will not study additional subjects within your core Study Programme.

It is a good option if want to fully concentrate on one subject area and experience many different sectors of business. On the Extended Diploma, you will be introduced to a higher level of strategic decisions within the management units.

Extended Certificate

Year 1 units: 

  • Exploring Business
  • Developing a Marketing Campaign

Year 2

  • Personal and Business Finance
  • Recruitment and Selection Process


Extended Diploma

Year 1:

  • Exploring Business
  • Developing a Marketing Campaign
  • Personal and Business Finance
  • Market Research
  • Team Building in Business
  • Training and Development
  • Creative Promotion

Year 2

  • Recruitment and Selection Process
  • International Business
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Decision Making
  • Managing an Event
  • Customer Service

As a minimum, you will need (or equivalent to);

  • GCSE Mathematics grade 4
  • GCSE English Language or Literature grade 4
  • plus three more GCSEs at grade 4.

Assessment is a mixture of assignments and exams.

  • Extended Certificate: assignments (42%) and exams (58%)
  • Extended Diploma: assignments (58%) and exams (42%).

Your assignments are internally assessed through reports, presentations, roleplays, observations and employer engagement.

This assessment method is used for two units of the Extended Certificate and nine units of the Extended Diploma. 

Your exams are the externally assessed units.

There is only one written exam, this is on Personal and Business Finance so a suitable level of Mathematics would be beneficial.

For the Extended Certificate, you will also complete one controlled computer-based assessment. For the Extended Diploma, you will complete four controlled computer-based assessments. 

Past students have progressed into Business, Marketing, Management, International Business, Accounting, Event Management, Human Resources, Recruitment and Law.

There are many pathways into these career sectors, you can go directly into employment, head to university or start an Apprenticeship. 



Are BTEC qualifications as valuable as A Levels?

Yes, they are well regarded by universities and employers alike and have an equal UCAS points tariff value as A Levels.

This course provides more than a qualification; you will develop transferable skills, employability skills, independent research skills, learn application of theory, and gain practical experiences.


“I chose this course because I wanted to gain confidence, independence, and experience from doing practical work.

“I enjoy the format of the lessons and the way that we produce our research, especially since we can work at our own pace.”.

“I enjoy that the assignments are clear and enjoyable, also the support from teachers for these is helpful.

“The work is always based on different types of business, which keeps the work fresh and interesting. This course is very good if you enjoy many different aspects of business and this course covers each aspect with good amounts of detail”.

“The different modules and topics have bought things to life rather than ploughing through textbooks. BTECs aren’t the easy choice they are a different learning path to A levels but it certainly feels like it’s working for me”.

“The good thing about this course is that you learn a wide variety about the business world and gives you a good insight and introduction into business in general.

“The assignments provide real life scenarios which help you to understand things outside the course as well as inside it. I chose the course as I prefer coursework to exams, and the course provides a good balance of both of these”. 

“I chose to take BTEC Business as I struggle with exams, I like that the course is heavily based on coursework with assignments this allows me to have regular feedback so I know where I am in the course and how to improve”.

“The guidance I’ve received during the internally assessed units has helped me achieve my grades easier and helped reduce the pressure with the exams”.

“My favourite aspect of the course is the variety of subjects you get to cover. Each unit is different and explores business fully in all areas.

“There are opportunities to work in groups and alone in both a practical and written work setting which keeps the course exciting.”.

“I find the theory about businesses and the different ways to manage a business enjoyable to learn about.

“I particularly enjoyed the coursework about exploring different businesses as I’ve studied organisations I use in my everyday life. I find completing coursework manageable and suitable for my way of learning.”.