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If you enjoy reading and writing this course is for you. We explore how the English language has developed over time, looking at the influence of the the internet and social networking sites, how children learn to talk, how words have come into being and much more. Throughout this two year course you will be provided with an analytical approach to the study of language, including work on grammar.

First year units will train you in detailed language analysis of a range of texts and data, including the fascinating new area of forensic linguistics; you will look at issues such as attitudes to slang, texting, and online English as well as how language is used to demonstrate power – in speech and writing.

The second year will train you in more ‘applied’ linguistic areas: how children learn to talk, language & media and the development of language from 1600 to the present. You will investigate an area of English Language special to you, working closely with your teacher to produce high quality linguistic research.

We encourage students to get involved with the various English based Enrichments that the College has to offer. These include Create magazine, a platform for students’ creative writing.

Many of our students progress onto university courses studying language, linguistics, communication or creative writing, however this course will prepare you for a wide range of courses due to the strong communication skills that are gained. Our former students have progressed onto a variety of different careers including Journalism, Writing, Teaching and Law.

English Language is an exciting opportunity to dive into the depths of language linguistics through an expertly crafted course with multiple extra enrichment activities, from study groups to Creative Writing. Overall, there is a large amount of content but it is split up over the course of two years and is well taught so it occurs multiple times to help keep everything fresh in the mind.

Jorge Higgins, English Language student


Standard College entry requirements: 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above including Maths and English Language or Literature. 

How similar is this course to English at GCSE?

Not very similar at all. There is a lot of reading and more in depth textual analysis and discussion in both years of study. There is a lot of language terminology. We look at language change from 1600 – present and child language development in great detail in the second year.

What other activities do you do?

Language students have the opportunity of weekly creative writing workshops and we have our own creative writing competitions. The English Language Team have close links with the Somerset Heritage Centre for studying language change – this has led to many very highly marked language investigations in the second year. We work closely with local universities and with the Winchester-based English Project, celebrating the annual English Language Day in October.

How do we learn?

As well as regular classes with a wide variety of group activities and one to one support, you’ll get lots of course booklets, you’ll have access from home or portable device to lots of resources on our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) which includes tweets from the Team, blogs and multimedia resources. You’ll have your own Mentor – a student of English Language from the year above; you may have the chance to attend trips from time to time.

How do I know which English course is best for me?

At Huish we offer two choices of English course; English Literature and English Language, it is important for you consider carefully which one you wish to take. For Literature, reading and analysing literary texts is central to the course and also in discussion and argument, both orally and on paper. If you like writing, enjoy language in all its forms and want to explore the way language works, then English Language would be a good choice.

You will find either English course useful if you are considering Journalism, Media, Research, Law, Teaching, Finance and Corporate Graduate Programmes or any other career where communication is important. English is highly valued by universities.