PASS RATE: 100% IN 2019

English Literature involves the study of a wide variety of texts. You will be encouraged to form your own opinions, develop your skills of literary analysis and read a wide range of texts for the two years of the course.

Students really enjoy the English Literature course and developing further insights into texts. It is a course that encourages you to develop your own opinions. It also helps you to express yourself more clearly.

Many of our students have progressed onto study English Literature at university, a highly valued degree. These students have gone on to work in Journalism, Finance, Research, Law, the Army and Teaching among many other professions.  


“English Literature is a great subject, not only do the teachers pick interesting texts to study, the subject also allows you to give your own interpretation, while also learning about other interesting interpretations as well.”

English Literature A Level Student

There are three exams at the end of the two years and internal exams half way through the course.

There is also an extended coursework essay which makes up the final 20% of the course. This is an individual study of modern literature for a long comparative essay. Your teacher will help you with this. Examples of topics can choose to explore include; the role and depiction of women fiction or the use of the unreliable narrator.

You will study two plays (pre and post the 20th Century) comparing the way playwrights deal with similar themes and social issues, as well as comparing poetry by two modern poets. You will also study a Shakespeare text looking at the issues of Shakespeare’s era and the language and dramatic themes that are used.

Level 3 standard entry requirements: 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above including Mathematics and English Language or Literature.
How do I know which English course is best for me?

At Richard Huish we offer two choices of English course; English Literature and English Language, it is important for you consider carefully which one you wish to take. For Literature, reading and analysing literary texts is central to the course and also in discussion and argument, both orally and on paper. If you like writing, enjoy language in all its forms and want to explore the way language works, then English Language would be a good choice.

You will find either English course useful if you are considering Journalism, Media, Research, Law, Teaching, Finance and Corporate Graduate Programmes or any other career where communication is important. English is highly valued by universities.