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The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a research project that aims to support your personal aspirations for higher education/career development and gives you the opportunity to study an in-depth topic of your own choice.

It will be an addition to your Study Programme in your second year and worth 50% of a full A Level. The higher level skills you develop and the ability to work independently are skills highly valued by universities and employers. EPQ classes start at the end of Year 1 and cease by the end of the Autumn term in Year 2.

If you choose to do an EPQ you have the option of producing a 5000 word written report or a project product and will be required to prepare and deliver a presentation of your findings.

You will improve yourself as a critical, reflective and independent learner; developing skills creatively and demonstrating initiative, decision making and enterprise. You will build skills in planning, in-depth research, referencing, critical analysis, evaluation of your own performance and giving a presentation.

Many of our students choose to study a topic they wish to study at university. However, what you focus on is up to you, examples of project titles include:

  • “Was Mathematics invented or discovered?”
  • “Why should we have a vegan diet?”
  • “What is the major theory for why we dream?”
  • “Should we allow the giant panda to become extinct?”

This is a course for second year students following discussion with their Tutor.

Can I study what I want?

Yes, you may choose what you are interested in, as long as it meets the assessment criteria and show the learning and application of new skills. The EPQ may take the form of a research based report, a production or an artefact.

Are there timetabled lessons?

Independent study takes place in timetabled lessons with the delivery of taught skills and opportunities for supervisor meetings.

How is it assessed?

You are assessed on your planning, your project management skills, your report writing skills and your presentation skills. You will also be assessed on your ability to find and analyse research sources and to reference appropriately.