This qualification is available to you in your second year as a Level 3 student as an addition to your Study Programme.

It is equivalent to 50% of an A Level with 28 UCAS points awarded for an A* grade.

You select a topic of your choice to study in-depth and produce either a 5,000 word written report, an artefact or a production demonstrating the learning and evaluation of new skills.

You can pick a topic to support your aspirations and will improve yourself as a reflective and independent learner. 

You will demonstrate your initiative, creativity, enterprise, and decision making skills.



Many choose to study a topic they wish to study at university however what you focus on is up to you, examples of project titles include;

  • Was Mathematics invented or discovered?
  • Why should we have a vegan diet?
  • What is the major theory for why we dream?
  • Should we allow the giant panda to become extinct?

This course is available as an addition to your Level 3 Study Programme in your second year following a discussion with your Tutor.

You do not need to include EPQ on your application to Huish.

You will be assessed on your planning, your project management skills, your report writing skills, and your presentation skills.

You will also be assessed on your ability to find and analyse research sources and to reference them appropriately.

The EPQ prepares you for university, employment and life!

You can choose the type of project you undertake and the skills you develop.

Those planning to study academic subjects at university often complete a written report which can help prepare them for writing their future dissertations.

Students wishing to learn skills relevant to future employment often produce an artefact.

The skills learnt, such as time management and the ability to research and work independently, are valued by both universities and employers.

Are there timetabled lessons?

Yes, during your timetabled lessons you will be taught skills, have an opportunity to meet with your supervisor and will complete independent study on your chosen topic.