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This course aims to raise your existing French to a level at which you will be able to communicate effectively in writing and speaking. It equips you with the language skills to appreciate the rich culture of France and the French speaking world.

You will split your time between the classroom and the Language Lab and will also benefit from an individual 20 minute oral session with a native speaker every week.

You are constantly encouraged to use the language using a variety of activities and you are exposed to a wide selection of authentic French sources. You can borrow a range of foreign language books, DVDs and other resources for use outside the classroom to extend your learning. The more you read, listen and engage with French, the more progress you will make. For maximum challenge you can attend the ‘Cinema Club’ where we watch French films.

French students have the opportunity to visit Lisieux as part of Taunton’s twinning partnership. This visit is designed to develop language skills and to enhance your experience of learning a foreign language.


Standard College entry requirements: 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above including Maths and English Language or Literature.

GCSE French should also be passed at grade 5 or higher or you should be a competent native speaker.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • French media, culture, lifestyles, family and relationships
  • Current affairs such as the latest film craze or a political crisis
  • Contemporary social and environmental issues
  • Literature

I chose to take French because I enjoy languages and because in the future I would hope to be a translator. Since starting I’ve learnt a lot I otherwise wouldn’t know now, a lot about the culture of the country and more about the language, and would recommend this subject to people who do want to learn more about French and France as a country.
Jake Curtis, French student


What additional facilities are available outside class?

You will have daily access to satellite television and a wide range of French magazines, newspapers and DVDs.

Is French for me?

If you are interested in working abroad, meeting people from different cultures or working in an international company, there is a big advantage in knowledge of a foreign language.

Past students have had the chance to participate in the Taunton-Lisieux civic twinning partnership, one of the longest-running town twinnings in the country since its formation in 1949. They visited Lisieux and received excellent hospitality and enjoyed a varied programme during their stay with French families.

We stayed with host families who were very welcoming. We had a formal dinner with the Mayors of Taunton and Lisieux and spent time visiting local sights, these included a cheese factory and a chateau. Some of our favourite excursions were the beach at Deauville, the elegant seaside resort, the picturesque port of Honfleur and the famous Basilica in Lisieux. The trip had a great impact on our French skills and we even managed to pick up some slang and the regional dialect. The majority of us are still in contact with out exchange partners and we hope to return in the future.
Huish student speaking about the exchange visit