Two students at desks laughing in front of french display
This one-year course can be added to your Study Programme to boost your skills and earn you an additional qualification.
If you have already studied French at GCSE or have equivalent experience, you will find this course stimulating and varied. The topics differ from GCSE and the approach is probably different too.
You will split your time between the classroom and the Language Lab and will benefit from an individual 20-minute oral session with a native speaker every week.
You will be encouraged to borrow a range of foreign language books, DVDs and other resources for use outside the classroom to extend your learning. The more you read, listen and engage with French, the more progress you will make. For the maximum challenge, you can attend the ‘Cercle Littéraire,’ where we read and discuss French short stories or poems.
By the end of the course, you will certainly be far more fluent in the spoken language and will be able to read, write and understand so much more.

This course can only be studied as an additional subject to your core Study Programme of 3 A Levels/Extended Certificates, or an Extended Diploma. 

We only recommend considering adding AS qualifications to your Study Programme if you have a high GCSE grade profile. 

This is to ensure the challenge of an additional subject does not prevent you from achieving your best in your core Study Programme and that you enjoy your experience at Huish. 

If you are unsure if an additional qualification may be too demanding for you then do not worry, we can discuss this with you at your advice and guidance meeting following your application. 

You will need a minimum GCSE Spanish grade 5, or if you have not studied GCSE Spanish you will need to be a competent speaker.

Adding this qualification to your Study Programme will boost your UCAS tariff points total. When universities offer places, they will tell you how many UCAS points are required for your course at their institution. 

The ability to use languages is highly prized by employers. Popular career fields include diplomacy, national security, medicine and engineering.

Whatever you decide to do, your language skills will be an invaluable asset to you.

You will develop key skills such as the ability to build relationships in and across borders, critical thinking and problem solving, a global outlook, and intercultural confidence. 

Businesses and organisations not only want to recruit multilinguists they also want people who have an understanding of foreign environments and practices, and who are first-class communicators.

Will there be opportunities to visit other countries?

We aim to offer opportunities to stay with families in order to experience the language and culture.

Past MFL students have had the opportunity to visit Lisieux as part of Taunton’s twinning partnership. This visit is designed to develop language skills and to enhance your experience of learning a foreign language.