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This course will prepare you to work in a variety of health and social care careers or healthcare settings such as a hospital, residential home, social services or early years setting. You will develop specific skills and knowledge relevant to the sector as well as transferable skills useful for any workplace

You can select to study either an Extended Certificate or Extended Diploma:

The Extended Certificate is equivalent to one A Level. It combines particularly well with subjects like Biology, Law, Sociology, English, History, Sport, Languages and Psychology.

The Extended Diploma is equivalent to three A Levels and carries the same UCAS points tariff, so you will not study additional subjects within your core Study Programme. It is a good option if you already know that you plan to progress into Health and Social Care related degree, employment or Apprenticeship.


Extended Certificate

You will study topics such as;

  • Human Lifespan Development
  • Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs
  • Working in Health and Social Care
  • Physiological Disorders and their Care

Extended Diploma

You will study topics such as:

  • Human Lifespan Development
  • Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs
  • Working in Health and Social Care
  • Physiological Disorders and their Care
  • Principles of Safe Practice in Health and Social Care
  • Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Social Care
  • Enquiries into Current Research in Health and Social Care
  • Promoting Public Health
  • Understanding Mental Wellbeing
  • Caring for Individuals with Dementia
  • Supporting Individuals with Additional Needs
  • Sociological Perspectives in Health and Social Care
  • Work Experience in Health and Social Care

You will need (or equivalent to);

  • GCSE Mathematics grade 4/C or above
  • GCSE English Language or Literature grade 4/C or above
  • plus three more GCSEs grade 4/C or above
  • to have a DBS check to allow you to participate in work placements on the Extended Diploma. We can discuss this process with you at your Advice and Guidance session following your application to Huish.

The Extended Certificate includes an exam in each year and two internally assessed units (coursework).

The Extended Diploma includes two exams in Year 1, one exam and one controlled assessment in Year 2, and nine internally assessed units (coursework).

You can progress onto university to study for a degree in Social Work, Nursing, Midwifery, Primary Teaching, Speech and Language Therapy and a range of registered professions. Alternatively you can begin an Apprenticeship or employment in a health and care setting.

How do I gain work experience?

All Health & Social Care students will be encouraged and supported to get work experience in a health and social care setting to give you greater understanding of topics you learn about in the classroom and demonstrate to future employers evidence of your abilities.

If you choose the Extended Diploma option you will be required to complete a work placement within your course. We will support you to secure your placement and we have excellent links with local care providers. You will be able to base your work on a number of different environments including health centres, residential homes, schools, nurseries and hospital departments.

Before you start your placement, you will be required to undergo a police background check. This will enable you to experience supporting service users from children to older people, adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues as well as people who have health conditions.

We work with a wide range of health and social care organisations and professionals and many of our students are offered part time work as a result of these experiences.

“Health and Social Care is a great course for those who know that they want to go into a caring profession but don’t necessarily know which role is best for them because it is a very broad subject meaning that there is something for everyone (even Science lovers like me). I would recommend this course to anyone who has an inquisitive nature and likes to research and learn about new things. The best thing is that it is a very hands-on subject so you will never be bored”.

I feel very supported and accomplished on this course while learning various enjoyable, insightful and useful units. I can say with assurance that I chose correctly with this truly enlightening and empowering course for introducing me to many progression opportunities in the future, while securing success and gratification in the present.

I am drawn to Health and Social Care because I have always wanted to help people and make a positive difference in their lives so incorporating this into my job would be ideal. Jobs within Health and Social Care are very rewarding and so I feel like I would never get bored of the job.

I like Health and Social Care because it’s such an interesting subject and will prepare me for my future plans of education after college. I enjoy doing the coursework as it’s something different compared to other subjects and it allows me to dive deeper into the topics.