History is a fascinating subject that will allow you to develop your ideas.

You will learn to analyse sources critically, make comparative judgements and test your opinions.

Our course embraces a wide range of human activity and you will have the chance to broaden your interests, examine historical issues, challenge existing orthodoxies and engage in historical debates.

You will develop your essay writing, research, argument and analytical skills and engage in research and presentations, as well as creating historical videos and posters.

We aim to run trips to Berlin and London.

You will study;

  • The British Empire, 1857-1967 – Breadth Study
  • The Cold War, 1945-1991 – Depth Study
  • India, 1757-1857 – Historical Investigation (coursework module).

This course is assessed by two exams (80%) and coursework (20%).

  • Paper 1 – The British Empire, 2.5 hours in duration
  • Paper 2 – The Cold War, 2.5 hours in duration
  • Coursework historical investigation – India, 4,000 word essay.

As a minimum, you will need (or equivalent to);

  • GCSE Mathematics grade 4
  • GCSE English Language or Literature grade 4
  • plus three more GCSEs at grade 4.

History is a good route into careers in Research, Law, Teaching, Finance and corporate graduate programmes.

Is History about remembering lots of dates?

No, the route to success is applying your knowledge to an essay question not writing out lots of dates.

Will you teach different interpretations of history?

Yes, we look at lots of interpretations of historical events and you will learn that there is no ‘right answer.’