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The course is an introduction to studying Law and the English Legal system and assumes no prior knowledge on the part of students. As well as learning about the legal system and the sources of our laws, we look at three areas of substantive Law: Criminal Law, Tort law and Contract Law. There is also a study of some of the philosophical ideas that underpin our legal system and of the relationship between law and justice and morality.

Law is a subject that is both fascinating and applied in a number of contexts including the police, the courts and all the ancillary industries associated with it. Law trains the mind to think logically and that is a skill required in many types of work. Many of our students have developed links with local law firms and have gone on to train with them.

Knowledge of the law gives you more power over your life and builds your confidence when dealing with others. Awareness of people’s rights and responsibilities under the law is important in the modern world.

“Law is a very informative subject that is great if you have an interest in current affairs and love to understand how the justice system in this country works. It has certainly made me think about my future career options and I am now considering taking a Law Degree.”

Law A Level student

Standard College entry requirements: 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above including Maths and English Language.

On this course you will study the following topics:

  • The Criminal and Civil Courts and the wider justice system
  • Sources of our legal system including precedent statute law and delegated legislation
  • Underpinning theory including concepts of justice and morality
  • Criminal law including defences like insanity and self defence
  • The Law of Tort including negligence law and torts against Land
  • Contract law and consumer rights

Why study Law?

Law affects everyone, this course increases your understanding of the world in which we live and demonstrates how legal decisions are made.

I have been told that Law A Level is not accepted if I want to study Law at degree level, is this true? 

Every university law department accepts Law A Level.