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Politics is for anyone who has, or is prepared to develop, a keen interest in current affairs.

The course focuses on the contemporary politics of both the UK and the USA, as well as the structures of government and the ideas which form the basis of political decision making.

You may have the opportunity to visit Parliament and the UK Supreme Court and in the past we have also taken trips to New York and Washington DC. With the political landscape constantly changing, it is a fast moving subject where new developments are discussed on a regular basis.

Many Politics students also like to get involved in the Huish Debating enrichment.

You will study the following modules:

  • Module 1 British Politics – participation and voting behaviour, political parties and pressure groups and the structure and functions of Government
  • Module 2 Politics of the USA and Comparative Politics – power of the President, Congress and the Supreme Court, electoral processes and political parties and pressure groups
  • Module 3 Political Ideas – Liberalism, Socialism, Conservatism and Nationalism.



You will need (or equivalent to);

  • GCSE Mathematics grade 4/C or above
  • GCSE English Language or Literature grade 4/C or above
  • plus three more GCSEs grade 4/C or above

There are three, 2 hour exams.

These are a mixture of medium length and essay questions.

The transferable skills the subject develops, such as analysis, evaluation and judgement mean that you can go on to study a range of subjects at university including Politics and International Relations.

Past students have gone on to study at universities across the UK including Oxford and Cambridge. Others have undertaken degree level Apprenticeships including in the Civil Service and the BBC.

Other progression routes include local government and the military.

Do I need knowledge of politics before I start?

No political knowledge is needed, we teach you everything you need to know. All we ask is a willingness to learn and get involved!

“I was hesitant about choosing Politics as an A Level, I was worried that I may not have the same level of knowledge as some other people, but I’ve realised everyone is in a similar boat and it is now my favourite subject! Studying Politics is great at expanding your understanding of concepts and openness to new ideas. From this, friendly and intellectual conversations are started between students in class. You get to know and talk to people that you wouldn’t normally become friends with, of different backgrounds and views”.