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If you like to think about society and question things, then Sociology is for you! It is a subject that encourages you to see the world from different perspectives.

It asks questions like; Why are some cultures valued more than others? Why are middle class students more likely to go to university? Why do people commit crime? What impact is social media having on society?

It is a theoretical and conceptual subject and you will learn a wide range a key concepts.

It is taught using a variety of strategies; you are encouraged to actively engage in lessons. Group work, mini whiteboard activities, lecture, research, question and answer, and student presentations are all used in lively but focused classes.

You will develop a variety of useful transferable skills, notably analysis and evaluation, written and verbal communication skills.


The study of Sociology provides an awareness of the importance of social structure and action in explaining a range of sociological issues. You are encouraged to develop your own awareness by actively engaging with the social world.

Focusing on contemporary society, you will develop both reflective and critical thinking about the world around you and embrace respect for diversity within society.

You will study;

  • Education, Culture & Identity
  • Crime & Deviance
  • The Media and Theory & Methods.

You will benefit from visiting speakers and we aim to run a number trips and activities.



You will need (or equivalent to);

  • GCSE Mathematics grade 4/C or above
  • GCSE English Language or Literature grade 4/C or above
  • plus three more GCSEs grade 4/C or above

Sociology is 100% exam based.

There will be three 2 hour exams in the second year.

The subject is essay based and most (91.6%) of the marks come from extended writing questions. For this reason, we spend a significant amount of time on developing your essay writing technique with practice assessments so you feel well prepared and confident for your exams.

Studying Sociology opens up a wide range of careers in areas such as Welfare, Education, Social Research, Business, Marketing and Health Care.

It will provide you with a wide range of the skills that employers look for, including communication, interpersonal, problem-solving and analytical skills.

Past students have progressed to study courses such as, Sociology, Criminology, Social Work, Nursing, Psychology and Business.

Do I need any prior knowledge?

No, all you need is an interest in the world around you.

Are there any trip opportunities?

In the past, students have been to Berlin and Prague. We also aim to run trips to Shepton Mallet prison and the Tutor2U Grade-Booster revision workshop in Bristol.