PASS RATE: 99% IN 2018

This course is for those who are interested in contempory issues and debates. Sociology is a dynamic subject that will develop your understanding of people and how they are affected by the society in which they live. It will inform your ideas through theoretical perspectives and empirical evidence which will allow you to develop your thinking.

You will be encouraged to develop your own sociological awareness and develop your critical and analytical skills in relation to everyday life.

The broad base of knowledge and understanding covered in this subject will help to enhance and encourage your intellectual skills of comprehension, interpretation, analysis and argument.

This qualification can be studied alongside two other Level 3 Courses.

Sociology works particularly well with courses like Geography, Psychology, Law, Health and Care but can be selected within any Level 3 Study Programme.

We hope that your awareness of cultural diversity, knowledge of contemporary social issues and understanding of social change will prepare you for life itself. It will also open doors to a wide range of people centered careers. It has specific applications in Teaching, Nursing, Social Work, Police, Legal Professions, Journalism and Personnel work.

We are always looking for potential residential trips that give the students the opportunity to develop and apply their Sociological knowledge and skills. In recent years we have been to Prague, Budapest, Venice, and in 2018 visited Berlin. We also run a Sociology Society where students discuss contempory issues and attend a range of seminars to support the themes studied across the specification.

“I decided to take Sociology based on my interest in our modern society and I now have a better understanding of the world around me. The subject is really topical and relevant to the issues surrounding us, and I have enjoyed using the knowledge from Sociology, to spark conversations outside of the classroom.”

Sociology A Level Student

Throughout the course you will study concepts and theoretical issues through three components:

  • Socialisation and Culture; understanding the processes of cultural transmission, socialisation and the acquisition of identity.
  • Methods of Sociological Enquiry; demonstrating knowledge of research methods and their relationship to theory.
  • Power and Stratification; related to social class, gender, ethnicity and age.

The themes studied are applied to areas in society such as youth culture, education and crime and deviance.

Level 3 standard entry requirements: 5 GCSEs at grade C/4 or above including Mathematics and English Language.

Is there a coursework element to the course?

No, the course is exam based with 3 exams which are essay based.

Do I need any prior knowledge?

No, all you need is an interest in the world around you.