Students studying Computer Science and Digital IT and Computing have been discovering more about digital careers through a variety of EnRICH opportunities available through the courses.

Earlier this term they had the opportunity to visit the National Museum of Computing and Bletchley Park. Ralph Ellis, Course Manager for Computer Science shared “We visited the National Museum of Computing where students had a chance to program the BBC Micro using BBC BASIC. They saw how the BOMBE was used to crack the Enigma cipher as well as how the Colossus machine was created to decipher the more complex Lorenz cipher that was used by the German high command officers during WWII. There was also a lot of hands-on experience of old tech, including console and arcade games”.

Students listening to speaker at Computer museum

Digital IT and Computing students also visited the Digital Innovation Centre that is currently being built opposite Taunton Railway Station. Course Manager, Andy Harding shared “The students were shown around the building and had the complexities of project management explained to them, along with network diagrams and plans for how the building should look when it is complete in April 2023”.

Students and staff smiling in hi vis vests and hard hats
students in hi vis vests

The trip was followed up by a presentation on campus by Wilmott Dixon, the construction company contracted to build the Digital Innovation Centre. Their Digital Engineer and Social Value Manager discussed the future of digital within the Construction industry. 

Students were shown how drones are being used to not only photograph but 3D model and scan sites to aid major construction decisions. They also explained how software is used to create content for websites and VR headsets that enable Willmott Dixon to bid for jobs using 360 models and VR tours of buildings before their construction, during construction and on completion. This is helping make the industry more carbon friendly by allowing clients to see a finished building without being there. 

Digital IT and Computing Teacher, Kate Bott shared “The presentation gave students a real insight into the future of digital skills in construction and the potential for them to use their skills in a wide variety of career pathways. Most of them had never considered the construction industry as a potential career, but they can now see how they can become involved and impact the future of the industry”.

Wilmott Dixon giving a presentation