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Richard Huish College student, Megan Rees will be travelling to Kenya in October to work with the charity ‘Educate the Kids’ and complete her The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award residential. Ahead of her trip, she is asking fellow Huish students to donate good-quality clothing for the children in Africa.

Educate the Kids offers educational opportunities to children from deprived and poverty-stricken areas in Africa. Founded in 1998, the charity has expanded to include a primary and secondary school, equipped with water, electricity and computers, and an orphanage. Children who had previously only been able to read by candlelight at home can now sit government-set exams and help raise funds for the charity by partaking in singing tours in the UK. A number have also been sponsored through College and University.  Educate the Kids believes education will help eradicate poverty and wish to see children in Africa have their needs met, their rights upheld, and dreams fulfilled.

Megan, who found the charity through her grandparents’ friends, has volunteered her time previously to support their fundraising initiatives in the UK but this will be her first time travelling across to see the work they do. She shared “I am excited about the trip, I think it will put things in perspective and it will be a great chance to see another way of life. It will be nice to work directly with the kids”. During her residential, she and her friends will be assisting in classrooms, helping distribute school supplies, and giving pupils the chance to demonstrate their exceptional English-speaking skills.

Whilst the charity supplies all pupils with uniforms, the children often need essentials like socks, pants, bras, and shoes, plus clothing for at home. Megan hopes to be able to supply the village with donations from fellow Huish students when she visits. The College has donated a large stock of colourful t-shirts and is also collecting donations from Huish students. If you would like to donate an item, please pass this to any member of staff before the end of the term to add to the collection held in the staff room. Donations should be good quality and suitable for children aged 3-16 years living in a hot climate. The College is unable to accept donations from external sources.

To find out more about Educate the Kids, or to make a donation, please visit