Easter Holiday and Revision

We hope that your son/daughter has settled into their Study Programme. Good attendance is vital to your son/daughter obtaining the best outcome in their Study Programme. Teachers work to very tight deadlines to ensure that they are able to best deliver their teaching and cover all the work required for their subject specification. Teachers also try to ensure that students have adequate lesson time to complete the work required in their subject, with time allowed for revision/consolidation too.

In 2019 the College Easter holiday will be from 11 – 22 April inclusive. The main examination period then starts on 13 May, with some specialist examinations (practical performances, oral examinations etc) taking place before this date. This will mean that class and revision time will be severely restricted during the summer term. The College will remain open during the Easter holidays, apart from bank holidays, so that your son/daughter will be able to access facilities to continue their personal study and revision. 

With all this in mind, please think carefully about your plans for the Easter period so that your son/daughter will have the necessary time to undertake personal study and organised revision that will be essential to their confidence and success in summer examinations and formal assessments. 

Thank you for your continuing support with your son/daughter’s studies.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch with their tutor.

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Providing you with complete support!

Providing you with complete support!