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Former Richard Huish College student, Kira Daly who is now a PR Apprentice, soon to be Account Executive, at ADPR has won the PR Apprentice of the Year at the 2021 PRCA Apprenticeships and Internships Awards.

Kira studied A Level Sociology, Geography and Art at Huish between 2017-2019 and upon receiving her results decided that she wanted to go into a higher education Apprenticeship, which is becoming more common amongst college leavers who don’t want to go down the university path. She was successful in receiving an offer for a PR Apprentice at ADPR. Kira spoke on how Huish helped her when looking into careers saying “With the confidence, learnings and experience gained from Richard Huish, I was able to successfully get my foot in the door into a career I now love at the age of 20.”

Speaking on the next steps she will take Kira said “I am now about to receive my Level 4 results having just finished the Apprenticeship and have been offered a promotion and position at ADPR as an Account Executive. I aim to study PR and Communications further alongside my role, having applied and accepted for a Level 6 Undergraduate Degree”.

The former Castle School student made the decision to go into an Apprenticeship due to how much she enjoyed the coursework element of her A Levels and due to her love for Sociology which during her time at Huish she increasingly wished to pursue within her career. She shared “I particularly loved Sociology, and the influences of media on societal norms. This led me to think about a career in some sort of communications, however I wanted to experience the industry and topics in a hands-on environment, so I started researching into higher education Apprenticeships following completion of my A Level studies”.

Kira’s choices and hard work have paid off for her as she was recently awarded the PR Apprentice of the Year at the 2021 PRCA Apprenticeships and Internships Awards and will also be getting a promotion to Account Executive, she added “I always saw myself going straight to university after leaving Richard Huish, however due to how much I loved the course work aspects of my A Levels, I decided to dive into a Level 4 apprenticeship – it was the best decision I ever made!”