Huish Student Executive orchestrated a frightful themed fun day for their fellow students returning after the half term, challenging those who dare to attend College in costumes and raise funds for charity.

The Student Executive feedback to staff the student perspective of life at Huish. They host a range of forums, from Ecolution to Social, so students can share their views on topics, and they help create new initiatives to improve college life.

Huish Halloween was created to support a selection of charities, and for fun! Having completed the first half term, older students wanted to ensure new students felt welcome at the College and challenged everyone to be their silliest selves together.

Students and staff did not disappoint, with a great variation of costumes spotted across the campus. All in fancy dress received a treat and prizes were awarded for the top costumes in Year 1, Year 2 and amongst staff.

Donations were collected in the Willow Cafe where everyone enjoyed some live Halloween tunes performed by Huish bands. Further money was raised through a charity cake sale.

Thank you to our hosts, the student executive.

Staff and students in masks with cakes
staff member selling cakes dresses with blood stains
staff member dress as winnie from hocus pocus
Storm trooper
student in Loki costume