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Richard Huish Chemistry students recently applied their learning to real life contexts as they competed in the highly competitive RSC Schools’ Analyst Competition.

Run by the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund and the Royal Society of Chemistry, the annual Schools’ Analyst competition allows students aged 16–17 to expand their chemistry knowledge and skills through practical analytical experiments based on relevant societal or industrial problems. 2020 saw the competition cancelled due to the pandemic but in 2021, the competition has been able to go ahead in a socially distanced manner.

Huish was one of 200 institutions to be selected to run a heat. In teams of three the students were challenged to complete three practical tasks to identify mystery substances that were found dumped in the River Flumen before submitting their results and answering questions about the experiments on the RSC website.

Participants are set to receive certificates when results are released after half term and Huish will discover which school/college in the region has placed top. The winning team in the South West will win £50 each and £500 for their college/school so our fingers are crossed for our competitors and we are extremely proud of how they applied themselves exploring this Chemistry challenge!

Three students doing an experiment in the lab

Chemistry students doing an experiment, one is giving a thumbs up