Childcare and Education students at Richard Huish College have announced the safe arrival of their newly born ‘flour babies’.

Returning second year Childcare and Education students have successfully made, delivered and named a ‘flour baby’ each, and provided a unique identity.

The course unit is to support theoretical learning through actively ‘doing’. Creating and caring for the baby involves active learning, a practical prop in the classroom, and a link between applying skills learnt in the classroom, to working in a professional childcare setting, as well as having a bit of fun!

Course tutor, Gemma Lyons, said “Following student feedback, the flour baby project is designed to support students to develop their work readiness skills and better apply the theories they learn about in the classroom. Each flour baby has its own learning journal, and we will developing environments in which each flour baby can thrive. The producers of these beautiful babies are extremely proud. Well done all.”