Huish student, Lauren Knight started 2019 with a high, playing in the AoC Netball team and defeating Durham University. In December it was announced that four students from Huish were chosen to represent England Colleges in their respective sports; Lauren in Netball and Kathryn Lennard, Sophie Denman and Olivia Pearson in Hockey.

After being spotted at the regional tournament, Lauren, along with the three others was selected to attend the National Trials held in Nottingham. After a series of trials spread out over two days, Lauren was successfully accepted into the Netball team, making her the only member of the squad representing the South West.

Last month Lauren and the team travelled to Sunderland to compete against Durham University. Taking two teams, both were triumphant with the First team winning 77-54 and the Seconds winning 71-51. Lauren who played Wing Defence and Centre for the match, was a part of the Second team. Though having two teams, the team selectors make sure the squads are of equal abilities, each playing to a high standard.

Lauren’s next game will take her to Northern Ireland on 17th February, where she and the team will be playing Northern Ireland under 17’s and under 19’s across the weekend.