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Worried about how new GCSE grading will affect your place at Huish? Don’t be: if you have been offered a place, it is 100% guaranteed. We can’t wait to meet you all.

We are really aware how uncertain things must feel at the moment for students planning to join us at Huish in September and that many of you are wondering what impact your GCSE grades will have on your offer from us, when they are released on 20th August.

If you have already had an interview and offer from us, please rest assured that your place with us at Huish is 100% guaranteed and we are really looking forward to welcoming you next academic year. As is usual, you will get the chance to discuss your results with us, when you attend your enrolment meeting, where we will be absolutely committed to getting you started on the very best programme of study for you; ensuring your further success and future progression.

If you are yet to apply, online applications are still open. Apply here and we will phone you to discuss your course choices and offer you a place at Huish.

A number of students have also for ideas to support your learning whilst you wait to join us in September. Here are a few general ideas for those who are interested. We will put subject-specific projects on our website in May.

Year 11 extending learning ideas