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The 8th – 14th February marks National Apprenticeship Week 2021 and this year’s theme is “Build The Future”. Right now, Apprenticeships are providing people opportunities every day to develop skills crucial to a whole range of important careers across healthcare, education, social care, finance, business, customer service and leadership, to name just a few sectors.

Huish Apprenticeships is delighted to be joining the nation in celebrating the brilliance of Apprenticeships. This past year, our Apprentices, past and present, have been found working on the front lines in healthcare, social care, education, customer service, managerial roles and more and we could not be prouder of how they have continued to work towards their qualifications in these extraordinary circumstances to help ‘build the future’ for us all.

Apprenticeships allow anyone, of any age, to train further whilst in employment and to develop the skills most desired by businesses. Working alongside local employers our team design and deliver bespoke training programmes that breed the technical skills that could not be acquired outside employment. Investing in staff instils loyalty and regularly reduces staff turnover rates which is why more employers are looking to Apprenticeships for their training needs.

If you would like to find out more about Apprenticeships please join us celebrating National Apprenticeship Week and you can contact our expert advisors on 01823 424 603 or email The government is currently offering additional funding to businesses that recruit Apprentices before March 2021 so enquire today about the benefits Apprenticeships could have for your business.