Over five weeks ‘Self-development Coach’, Michael Maisey, met with a small group of Richard Huish College students to help them develop their self-esteem, confidence, future focus and general wellbeing. Inspired by these sessions, the group have decided to continue to work together to develop a podcast specifically for their age group.

Through the workshops with Michael, the students demonstrated a lot of growth, honed in on their plans for the future and were encouraged to become more independent in their thinking. All have recognised an improvement in their wellbeing and benefitted from forming the bonds they made while participating.

Working with Michael the team have created their own podcast, Next Generation. They felt this was an appropriate endeavor because whilst many resources are focused on wellbeing, not all are age appropriate and focus on the challenges they face. It was very important to them to be the ones who were guiding the conversation and they invited Michael to be their first guest. In the podcast, Michael touches on his past and the struggles he faced such as going to prison and how he went from being a drug addict to being sober, reforming and finding happiness.

The podcast was filmed and recorded in the Aspen Production Suite at Huish with help from Media students, who provided the camerawork to accompany audio captured by Huish’ Music Production students and staff. The podcast is now available on YouTube by following this link -www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvs6R1RR2tU. You can also see all their developments on Instagram – @nextgeneration.podcast.

Michael Maisey Next Generation Podcast

Michael Maisey on the set of Next Generation Podcast