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Funded by Somerset County Council and Somerset Works, Richard Huish College recently put on a three-day event for transitioning students to make them feel more comfortable when they join in September. Students were able to meet new people, make friends and alleviate any nerves or worries they may have had about starting college. The event hosted a range of fun activities and informative talks held by staff and guest speakers.

The event started with an introduction to Huish from Principal, Emma Fielding, students then partook in a QR site treasure hunt which got them familiarised with the campus. This was followed by team building exercises where students worked together to complete different tasks. The first day was completed with a discussion with students which gave them all the information they need to know about Richard Huish.

QR Code Treasure Hunt

There was a QR Code treasure hunt around the campus

Team Building activity

Students took part in a range of team building activities










They started day two with special guest speaker, Michael Maisey who talked about how they can overcome adversity and how to be resilient. They were then put into three small groups and got competitive with a Mario Kart Team tournament for the chance to win a prize. This was followed by a walk to Vivary Park which showed students how they can go from Huish through Vivary Park to the town centre. They finished the day with a quiz to review what they knew so far and what they had learnt.

The final day began with a Q&A session with current and previous students to get a real perspective on what studying at Huish is like. They then explored the campus and investigated the sustainability of the different buildings making suggestions in their groups of improvements they’d like to see made. After this there was a Yoga session which students took part in this was followed by a chance to try out a range of sports including Badminton, table tennis, boccia and archery. The day concluded with a RichTalk (lecture) exploring some of the different enrichment opportunities available at Huish and a feedback session.

Yoga session

Students participated in a Yoga Session

Around 80 students attended the three-day event which has made them more relaxed ahead of starting in September. Students will now already have a good understanding of where everything is on campus, made friends with other people who were at the event and know some of the staff members before they start in September.