Sociology teacher, Mel Kubicki, has been recognised by the College as a #HuishHero after volunteering for Arc (formerly Taunton Association for the Homeless) alongside her virtual teaching commitments.

Mel shared with the charity; “The nature of my subject means that I am interested in the world around me and I am very aware of how the structure of society brings not only consensus amongst its members but also conflict and inequalities. Working full time has limited my ability to volunteer for Arc in the past but in the current circumstances the opportunity has arisen for me to play my part in supporting the local community. I have taken on the role of collecting and delivering from local supermarkets twice a week which has been very rewarding. I believe it is good if we are able to play an active role and contribute in any way we can. In my profession it is key for me to be a positive role model and I hope the young people I work with will also be inspired to offer their skills to assist and empower others”

Please join us in saying a big thank you to Mel.