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Remote Desktop

Students and staff can connect to the college computer system whilst off site using Remote Desktop.

Please note that you do not need to use remote desktop to view emails, this can be done by browsing to


Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from the App store. Click the ‘+’ icon and select ‘Add Workspace’. Enter your college email address and then richuish\ followed by your college username and password when prompted, e.g. richuish\0041234.


Download the Remote Desktop 8 application from the Play Store. Tap the ‘+’ icon and select ‘Remote Resource Feeds’. Enter ‘’ when prompted, then select ‘Add user account’ from the dropdown and enter your college login details.


Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop application then follow the steps for Windows Users.


Windows 10 users and above should already have the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop client.

Start the remote desktop connection

When prompted for your credentials you will need to input them in the format below:
e.g. richuish\0041234