Richard Huish College is pleased to announce the reintroduction of A Level German to their curriculum. Alongside French and Spanish, German will join the Modern Foreign Language (MFL) courses the College has to offer from September 2019.

Huish highly values the study of languages and has decided to teach German A Level after finding a local unmet demand as currently no college in Somerset offers it. The College is working in partnership with The Castle School, Taunton to ensure that students from Somerset and North Devon have the opportunity to continue their German studies at a local institution.

Deputy Principal Emma Fielding commented ‘At Huish we pride ourselves on offering a broad, holistic curriculum. There is compelling evidence that strong language skills are a significant asset that will promote a lifetime of effective communication and we believe in providing Somerset students with as many opportunities as possible to engage with modern foreign languages in their home county. Whilst German has not been an examined part of our curriculum this past year, the College has continued to offer German as an Enrichment, giving our students the opportunity to improve their skills gained at GCSE and we are delighted to be working in collaboration with The Castle School to reintroduce it as an A Level subject. In addition to A Levels in German, French and Spanish students at Huish have the opportunity to engage in Chinese and Japanese Enrichments, where students can learn about both the language and culture of these countries.’

The BBC recently reported the decline in students studying languages at GCSE, with French and German being two of the biggest victims. This has an effect on the number of schools and colleges that offer A Levels in these subjects. Additionally, the results of a recent survey conducted by the Sixth Form Colleges Association suggest that just over half of school sixth forms and colleges have dropped courses in German, Spanish and French. Huish is bucking the trend in reintroducing German in order to help these subjects grow.

It has been noted that studying a language at either A Level or degree level increases employability. Richard Jones, Progression and Learning Centre Manager at Huish commented ‘Leading universities rate MFL subjects as ‘facilitating’ which means they value these subjects alongside Mathematics, English and the Sciences. Many of our students who have successfully gained places at top universities including the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge have either applied to study a MFL course or have undertaken a MFL A Level.’