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Student sat smiling in art studioWelcome to Huish Headstart!

Starting College is an exciting time however we know it may feel more daunting this year following the isolation period of 2020. We have launched our Headstart initiative to help you get to know us and prepare practically for your transition to Huish; combining tasks to complete at home, our usual Welcome to Huish event and informative videos to answer any questions you may still have.

We are here to support you throughout this transition so don’t be afraid to ask us anything.

Bullet pointStage 1 – Complete the Headstart Introductory booklet 

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Bullet pointStage 2 – Move on to the Headstart Subject booklets. There is one for each subject containing research, reading, activities, tasks and information specific to that course. Your teachers will discuss these booklets during the Virtual Welcome to Huish event and you will hand these into your teachers when you start in September.

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Bullet pointStage 3 – Join us online for our Virtual Welcome to Huish event (8th & 9th July) which will be a series of videos and live chats giving you the opportunity to meet your new teachers, see the facilities you will be learning in, and join the live chat sessions with course teachers and Huish students. The film resources will remain available throughout the Summer following the event. 

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Bullet pointStage 4 – Watch our information and subject films which aim to answer your questions around your Study Programme, progression, transport and bursaries, enrichment and student support, and introduce our Progress Tutors.

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Bullet pointStage 5 – Our virtual parents events include a presentation and live chat, giving parents/guardians and students the opportunity to meet the Principal and ask questions. 

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Bullet pointStage 6 – If you have decided you wish to change your Study Programme you can request a course change.

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The Introductory Huish Headstart Booklet includes resources and activities about being a successful Huish student and a research project. You will also find useful FAQs. Complete this booklet, get started on a project and prepare yourself for success. Below are the additional documents you will need that are referenced in the Headstart Booklet:

Huish Headstart Subject Booklets contain research, reading, activities, tasks and information specific to a course. We hope these will help raise your confidence in your subject choices.

If you find the work extremely difficult or not enjoyable there is still time to change your Study Programme before September; it may be useful to have a look at other Subject Headstart booklets for ideas of subjects you may enjoy more.

Our Virtual Welcome to Huish event takes place on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th July 2020, although many of the resources will remain accessible throughout the Summer.

The event will give you access to films made by our staff introducing you to the campus, themselves and your courses. You can also sign up to join live Q&A sessions happening across the two day event including a chat with our students. To find out more click here.

Welcome to Huish

To find out more about Huish for themselves, parents/guardians were invited to join a live Q&A session with our Senior Management team on the 8th & 9th July. Below is Principal Emma Fielding’s Welcome Presentation and a film of a Q&A session.



If you have decided you would like to change your Study Programme please click here to complete a course change form.

You will either be sent a confirmation email to confirm the changes have been made, or you will receive a telephone call to discuss your subjects further.

Details about enrolment will be sent to you over the Summer. If you achieve the grades required in your offer you do not need to do anything until your enrolment appointment, your place is secure.

We will be available on results day for anyone seeking further advice if they did not quite achieve the grades required for their offer. Please do not panic, we will help you plan your next steps.

If you have any questions please email