After a lot of hard work, a recent collaboration between the Huish Psychology and Graphics Departments has now seen fruition.

The ‘Student Positive Psychology Working Group’ has been meeting every week throughout this academic year where they have discussed and completed projects including designing resources for the first-year tutorials so that all students can boost their well-being and reap the benefits of Positive Psychology. One of their most recent projects included preparing a brief for the Graphics Department to design a Positive Psychology logo for Huish. With over 50 designs submitted, Graphics students impressed the judges with the variation in ways that students approached the task, making choosing a winner very difficult.

The Positive Psychology Working Group voted on the designs and the top four entries were by Emily De Vere Moss, Lucy Graham, Emily Hauxwell and Tiegan Wood, with the winning design coming from Emily Hauxwell. The judging group agreed that Emily’s design demonstrated happy energy, was fun and also eye catching. In addition, the message is empowering and invites students to take charge of their lives.

Graphic Design