Careers & Progression

Students at Huish benefit from expert Careers Guidance from a Level 7 Careers Officer.

The Careers and Progression team:

Careers and Progression Services at Huish

The Careers & Progression Team are available to all students throughout the year and deliver the following services:

  • Expert advice and guidance with applying to UK and international Universities
  • Individual career planning
  • Apprenticeship advice – Degree, Higher, Intermediate
  • Assistance with CVs, cover letters and applications
  • UCAS advice
  • Student finance
  • Gap year advice
  • Subject choice advice, A Level and Vocational
  • Work Experience Placements
  • University visits and associated conferences
  • Compulsory Progression Sessions for Lower 6th Form students
  • Daily lunchtime workshops for drop in advice covering both UCAS and work-based opportunities
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Contact with local and national employers
  • Subject specific careers events
  • Access to careers related software including Unifrog and EClips

Careers Programmes 2023-24

View our Careers programmes in more detail below.

Support for Year 11

Our team are available for individual guidance with regard to your Study Programmes as part of the Information, Advice & Guidance process.

We form part of the Senior Enrolment Team and contribute to GCSE Results support and enrolments.

Level 2 Pathway

September /October:

  • Careers & Progression introduced through tutoring programme, you are advised on how to make an individual appointment
  • Induction period where all students are encouraged to meet with the Careers & Progression Team before making changes to their Study Programme
  • Introduction to the Careers and Progression Padlet
  • Early leavers referred to the Careers & Progression Team for impartial careers guidance
  • Work experience placement introduced
  • Somerset Careers Fair
  • EnRich Day


  • Progression options sessions with Careers Team


  • Vocational Careers Fair


  • One to one careers guidance meetings and support
  • You undertake work experience placement


  • One to one careers guidance meetings and support
  • National Apprenticeship Show – Exeter
  • Disadvantaged learners are identified and names passed to Careers & Progression Team for differentiated guidance


  • You undertake work experience placement
  • One to one careers guidance meetings and support


  • One to one careers guidance meetings and support


  • One to one careers guidance meetings and support


  • One to one careers guidance meetings and support
  • You undertake work experience placement
  • CareerFest – Whole college career event
Level 3 Courses - First Year


  • Careers & Progression is introduced through the tutoring programme, you are advised on how to make an individual appointment
  • Subject Transfer – Our department form part of the Senior Enrolment Team and provide information, advice and guidance in relation to course changes
  • You must meet with the our team before making changes to your Study Programme to confirm your subject choices meet your progression plans – you will be referred by your Progress Tutor
  • Early leavers are referred to the Careers Officer for impartial careers guidance and referral to Somerset Works
  • Enrichment Fair
  • Richtalks – series of academic talks
  • Medical Careers Academy group established
  • You will be introduced to the Careers and Progression Padlet
  • EnRICH Day


  • Initial post 18 plans logged
  • Whole cohort tutorial – Employability


  • Sutton Trust US and UNIQ promoted
  • Academic Enrichment launches
  • Oxbridge meeting
  • Vocational Careers Fair


  • Academic Enrichment – session 1


  • National Apprenticeship Week – Tutorial Activities
  • Whole cohort tutorial, you’ll explore:
    – Employment
    – Apprenticeships
    – UCAS application process
    – Gap Years
    – MOOCS Introduction
    – Unifrog registration
  • Academic Enrichment – session 2
  • National Apprenticeship Show – Exeter
  • Whole cohort tutorial – Unifrog Introduction


  • Year 1 Progress Reviews 2
  • UCAS Exhibition – Exeter


  • Whole cohort finance talk – you’ll explore:
    – Higher Education Finance
    – Work-based finance
  • Whole cohort tutorial – Interview preparation


  • EPQ offered to Lower Sixth students
  • Whole cohort session – personal statement/cover letter session (Writing about yourself)


  • Whole cohort tutorial – UCAS Registration session
  • University of Oxford visit
  • CareerFest – Whole college career event


  • EnRich Day
  • Students are encouraged to consider their plans over the summer break
  • University of Exeter visit
Level 3 Courses - Second Year


Careers appointments are available throughout summer holidays for you to discuss plans in light of formal assessment results


  • Internal Early UCAS Deadline
  • UCAS workshops begin – lunchtimes W104
  • Admission Test registration deadline
  • Personal Statement talks
  • Oxbridge meeting


  • UCAS Early Deadline
  • Admission Test Prep within academic departments
  • EnRich Day
  • Personal Statement talks


  • Sit admission tests
  • UCAS standard internal deadline
  • Oxbridge interview support (Cambridge) and Q & A with former students
  • Higher/Degree apprenticeships vacancy list circulated
  • Vocational Careers Fair


  • Students who have not submitted a UCAS application are contacted and offered individual CIAG
  • Standard UCAS Deadline
  • The National Apprenticeship Show South – promoted in Tutorials


  • Whole cohort session – UCAS – What Next
  • Student Finance applications open – advice and guidance available
  • Year 2 Progress Review 5
  • National Apprenticeship Week – Tutorial activities
  • National Apprenticeship Show – Exeter


  • Continue targeted support for students following a work-based pathway
  • Whole cohort tutorial – Apprenticeships


  • Intended destinations logged and careers guidance meetings offered


  • Gap Year UCAS Registration – support for students applying in gap year


  • Continue to offer careers guidance meetings


  • Results Day – Careers Advice and Guidance available from now on



If you are following an Apprenticeship programme you are encouraged to book an individual appointment with the Careers & Progression Team particularly at key progression points and/or in the event of a placement breakdown.

Support for Gap Year/Former Students

If you chose to apply to University whilst on a Gap Year you are encouraged to apply through Huish using the buzzword.

You can request a reference from your Tutor in the Summer term of your second year.

You can request a meeting with The Careers & Progression Team to discuss career options.

Early Leavers

In the event you leave Huish before completion of your Study Programme, an automatic referral is made to the Careers & Progression Department and you are offered impartial careers guidance to explore your progression options.

If you leave without a firm destination and choose not to access ongoing support from Careers & Progression then a referral is made to Somerset Works.

Review and Development

The impact of our programme is measured by:

  • Destinations – the annual destinations report outlines the individual destinations of every leaver and is presented to Governors
  • Student Programme Questionnaires – An assessment of the Careers & Progression programme is carried out with students annually. Your views are reviewed by SMT and changes to the Careers Programme are implemented.

The programme is reviewed each July and approved by SMT and shared with Governors.

Academic EnRICH

Our Academic EnRICH programme supports all students to enhance their knowledge, understanding and skills beyond the Level 3 curriculum and assists those making applications to competitive courses and universities, for example Oxbridge, medicine, dentistry or veterinary science.

Find our more about Academic EnRICH


Key to Careers

This programme is designed for year 2 Huish students who are planning to progress from Huish into a work-based opportunity such as an Apprenticeship or Employment.

Find out more about Key to Careers


Pathways Career Tool

Discover more about jobs in your sector of interest using our Pathways tool below.