Original Writing and Illustration Awards

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Our annual Original Writing and Illustration Awards celebrate the creativity of Huish students and pupils in Years 9-11 from local schools. 

Entrants are challenged to write an original piece or design a poster based on a set theme. In 2023 the theme was Succession.

Entrants could interpret the theme however they wished, the more imaginative the better!

The awards include three competitions:

  • The Brunner Cup – an imaginative writing competition for school pupils
  • The Ross Paterson Award – an imaginative writing competition for Huish students
  • The Lucas Cup – a poster design competition for Huish students.

Select the tabs below to reveal the winning entries of our 2023 awards.

Hand writing words that read "this year's theme is succession"

The Brunner Cup 2023

Pupils in Years 9-11 from local schools were tasked with writing an imaginative piece based on the title ‘Succession(word limit of approximately 1,500 words).

The format could be any genre; a short story, dramatic monologue, sci-fi writing, a piece of journalism, play script, extended poem, or even an engaging blog.

Winner – Olivia, Court Fields School, Year 9

Olivia’s entry

Judge’s comment: “An observational narrative, thoughtfully atmospheric and with crisp dialogue.

“It’s fascinating to watch people dance, how they glide elegantly across the floor, their feet perfectly into place. Life is like a dance… that’s why I hate dancing.

“An ambitious period story of a young lady coming of age and her own ideas!”

Second Place – Poppie, The Taunton Academy, Year 9

Poppie’s entry

Judge’s comment: “Vivid writing that offers a very different perspective on legacy and succession, with pleasing rhyme patterns and imagery.

” The pounding of enemies cavalry spreads like a hard winter’s frost:
a raised white flag and now victory served, but are the copper plaques worth the lives lost?
As the sun sets behind my castle, I reminisce of all past glory
Before taking my last breath, the pen is passed to tell the next story”.

Third Place – Ebony-Rayne, Heathfield Community School, Year 10

Ebony-Rayne’s entry

Judge’s comment: “Ambitious on character; brave structure.

“Soon after the weddings Raven threw herself off a cliff near Love Island, the home of sirens and mermaids… you see that was only the first four generations of the Mist royal family, there is so much more to tell…”


History of the Brunner Cup

2023 marks 28 years since the first Brunner Creative Writing Prize was awarded.

The competition was set up with money left by writer John Brunner, a good friend of Huish’s most illustrious former pupil, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke.

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The Ross Paterson Award 2023

Huish students were tasked with writing an imaginative piece based on the title ‘Succession(word limit of approximately 1,500 words).

The format could be any genre; a short story, dramatic monologue, sci-fi writing, a piece of journalism, play script, extended poem, or even an engaging blog.

Winner – Rowan Tall

Rowan’s entry

Judge’s comment: “A controlled, original tale which intrigues.

a scribbled note in the hands of an Antarctic corpse…

“Good use of first-person narrative and varied sentence structures showed both technical skill and creative flair”.

Second Place – Vicky Chen

Vicky’s entry

Judge’s comment: “Thought-provokingly powerful imagery in an ambitious genre with some clever lines.

his shadow, Titan-strong towers over her...

“Emotive language and an effective structure made this an unusual take on succession”.

Third Place – Lucy Halley

Lucy’s entry

Judge’s comment: “A vivid mythological tale with a Classical setting and some pleasing, original phrases.

with varying heights, numbers of limbs and eyes, and in various quantities, they were all dressed in their finest drapery in the brightest shades that dye could produce…

“Bringing a very ancient take on the idea of following-on”.

The Ross Paterson Award is sponsored by Get Home Safe

Ross PatersonThe Ross Paterson Creative Writing Award was set up in 2016 by Helen Evans in memory of her nephew, Ross Paterson, a former Huish student with a flair for creative writing.

She and her friend Charlotte Pitman established the charity ‘Get Home Safe’ after Ross’ life was ended while walking home from a night out.

The charity aims to raise awareness about the importance of staying safe on nights out and having a plan for getting home safe.

You can follow @GetHomeSafeUK on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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The Lucas Cup 2023

The Lucas Cup for Artistic Writing is a poster design competition for Huish students, first introduced in 2009.

In 2023 they were tasked with creating an A3 poster based on the theme ‘Succession’.

Winner – Yara Cazzamalli

Graphic image of people

Judge’s comment: “A clever, personal and very well-observed final illustration.

“You capture many of your fellow students and friends, and even your teacher in your final design that visualises the progress of ageing and the progression of succession in an interesting, effective and distinct way.

“Hours upon hours have gone into this very detailed illustration, you are using colour in an interesting and effective way. A deserving winner of the Lucas Cup of 2023”.

Second Place – Abigail Warden

A picture of an apple by a tree reading "the apple did, in fact, fall far".

Judge’s comment: “A very well-executed and slick final outcome that explores a known phrase in a new light.

“The illustration is not only been well-composed and your design skills are very confident to create slick and effective outcomes, but your outcome also demonstrates great confidence in creating memorable, visually-striking and conceptually thoughtful ideas.

“A very close runner-up”.

Third Place – Squid Southcombe

Person with light and flower in between their hands, reads "success counts, no matter how small it feels".

Judge’s comment: “You are an accomplished illustrator and your submission for the Lucas Cup highlights your ability to develop well-composed, well-observed and technically strong illustrations.

“Your illustrations create a beautiful emotion and atmosphere, which is capturing the aspect of Succession in an interesting, motivational and visually striking way.

“A deserving third place entry, well done!”