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Getting out and experiencing the world first hand is a great way to enrich your life. You never know what you’ll discover when you go beyond your comfort zone.

Many courses offer associated trips or foreign travel so that you can experience real life examples of what you learn in the classroom and we also run a number of trips open to all students.

Examples of past trips are detailed below.

Student group in Greece 2020The locations our students travel to can vary every year but past trips have included:

  • Spanish – Salamanca, Spain
  • Classical Civilization – Athens
  • Geography – Iceland
  • History – Russia
  • Sociology – United States of America, Berlin
  • Visual Arts – New York, Berlin
  • Business – Disneyland
  • English/Drama – London Theatres
  • Digital Media – Glastonbury Festival, Harry Potter Studios
  • Pop Music & Music Production – Glastonbury Festival

To find out more about any subject based trips available on your course in the current academic year please speak to your Course Manager.


Hosted by ‘Moroccan Surf Adventures’ students have travelled to Morocco where as well as making the most of the waves they have taken part in activities including trying locally produced honey and argan oil, exploring a river gorge system called Paradise Valley, and cliff diving.

Student surfing

“The trip provided students with the opportunity to learn to surf or improve their surfing skills; it was also a chance for them to experience a very different culture and country. Only a few of the students have travelled outside of Europe so it was a good opportunity to challenge their preconceptions about African countries. Several of the students didn’t know anyone else on the trip so it was also a confidence building exercise, which is ideal preparation for University!”

Course Manager of Environmental Science, Richard Palmer, Morocco Surf Trip Organiser and Leader

Regular trips that have run previously have included:

  • Bi-Annual Ski Trip
  • Volunteering in Sri Lanka with the Foundation of Goodness
  • Exchange Programmes – Germany, China