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Business Level 3 Vocational - Ali Cooke

Business has in fact surprised me! I did not realise the extent of how much this course has taught me. It has not only educated me on the ins and outs of business, but I have also managed to gain so many skills including independence, research, organisational life skills and self-management.

I have never been clear about my career path, which was the reason for choosing this course. It has given me universal abilities and knowledge so that whatever path I decide on, I can achieve, especially with the help and support I have received from my teachers. In fact, without this, I would not have been able to achieve the high grades I have been accomplishing now.

There is a lot of work involved in order to do well, however it all pays off in the end, as already I am so much more knowledgeable! Because this course is so broad I recommend it to anyone who is interested and motivated, whether you know your career path or not. 

Business Level 3 Vocational - Ali Cooke