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Business Studies A Level - Bronwyn Chesire

I chose Business A Level to develop my understanding for running my own graphic design business. However, over the course of the year at Huish, Business has been one of the most enjoyable and relevant academic A Levels I have undertaken; changing my passion to now go on to doing a Marketing Degree.

I was a completely new to A Level Business (not having taken it at GCSE) but this was never an issue. I have a really supportive class environment with all abilities nurtured and different ways of learning each week, making it a comfortable transition.

College is a unique experience from secondary school due to the amount of responsibility you have and the freedom in having more control over your education. Taking your interests further at Huish is so easy with the Learning Centre and the combination of subject teachers and tutors, who help to guide you in whichever direction you wish to go.

Business Studies A Level - Bronwyn Chesire