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Eleanor Compton - Clinical Healthcare Apprenticeship

I went straight from school to working as an apprentice Health Care Assistant at Springmead GP Surgery in Chard with the ambition to become a practice nurse. The way I chose to do a Clinical Healthcare Support Apprenticeship was through Richard Huish College.

The apprenticeship sounded really interesting and I thought it would benefit me for my future career. I am learning new things all the time and really enjoying it. I carry out blood tests, test patients INRs, urine tests, blood pressure checks, ECGs, fit patients with ABPMs (24hr BP monitor), weight monitoring, new patient checks and stitches removal.

I also help out in the baby immunisation clinic putting all the recalls onto the patient’s notes. I assist the doctor when there is a minor op clinic too. I am attending a course soon to learn how to give injections and complete spirometry with patients. Once I have completed my apprenticeship; I am aiming to go onto university to get my nursing degree and hopefully when that’s completed, become a practice nurse and then a midwife.

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship. You gain so much experience whilst learning at the same time, and you know there is always somebody around if you’re unsure of something.

 Eleanor Compton - Clinical Healthcare Apprenticeship