Frequently asked questions

I don't know what course to choose, will someone be able to help me?

Our Open Evenings are a good opportunity for you to start discussing your choices, and when you first apply to the college you will have an initial interview where you will get further guidance. Later in the year you will be invited in again to discuss your courses; and there are experience days available.

How much free time do I get?

Your course choices will form part of your Study Programme and you will choose your Study Programme from a menu of Core and Extension courses. You are expected to plan your time during the week and there are study areas provided around the college campus for formal study. You are also expected to put 3 to 4 hours of time into personal study per subject per week outside of college hours.

Do I have to be at college if I don't have lessons?

No you don't, but you are expected to make best use of the learning resources available at college and most of what you will need will be here. If you are ill you will need to phone in on the day of absence. If you are ill at college you will need to sign out at Reception.

Do you do taster days?

We do taster days, but we call them Experience Days, where you actually attend lessons. These are done by appointment. If you would like to experience a day at Huish then see your careers teacher first as they can get in contact with the college to arrange a group visit. If you are not in a local Taunton school then you will need to contact us by phone.

Can I do a sport even if I am not good at it?

Yes. We have a group of students and staff who run Active Huish. There are a number of recreational sporting activities and you can also join in with team games. Additionally, there are community sports activities and you are welcome to join those at any time.

What if I do not get your entry requirements?

We offer a range of courses that have various entry levels. If you are unsure you meet the entry requirements for your desired course then please contact the College. Our staff will be able to advise you of all your options and explain the progression routes waiting for you.

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Providing you with complete support!

Providing you with complete support!

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Bradley Johnson, Apprenticeships

Bradley Johnson, Apprenticeships