A group of Maths and Further Maths students took part in the UK Maths Trust Senior Maths Challenge, a 90-minute, multiple-choice challenge. The test encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.

There were some fantastic results with bronze certificates for Elena Spurgeon, Alberta Harrington, Kuba Lepszy, Fae Marshall, Alastair Shaul, Benitas Sirutis and Ryan Venn.

Silver certificates went to Eli Bottrill, Percy Edwards, Lily Harding, Darren Wong, Charlie Kellett and Izaak Ng.

A further six students achieved a gold certificate and have since competed in the next round of the challenge. They were Eleanor Hasler, Gabriella Jenkins, Evan Koike, Catherine Williams, Arjun Ashok and Daisy Plowman.

Alex Bulloso not only achieved a gold certificate but also qualified for the first round of the British Mathematics Olympics, a fantastic achievement.