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Richard Huish College is encouraging employers to take full advantage of a new government incentive scheme that sees businesses receive funds if they take on an Apprentice between now and January 2021.

The Huish Apprenticeship team work with employers to create bespoke training schemes for Apprentices to build the precise skills their business needs and fill industry skill gaps. The long-term benefit of investing in an Apprentice is they are honed for your business and with entry level and higher degree qualifications available employees can be tailored to your business throughout the longevity of their career. Huish offer many different Apprenticeships across multiple sectors and industries.

If you are considering hiring an Apprentice, now is a great time following the government’s investment. Under the new temporary scheme, those who hire an Apprentice under the age of 25 will receive an extra £2,000 on top of the existing £1,000 payment which the government awards businesses which take on Apprentices age 16-18. Employers will receive £1,500 incentive for any Apprentices hired over the age of 25.

Huish Apprenticeships can support you in utilising levy funds, accessing government incentives, selecting the right Apprenticeships, recruiting candidates and developing existing members of staff. If you would be interested in adding Apprentices to your business or would like to become an Apprentice contact David Roberts, Employer and Business Development Coordinator on, 01823 320883 or visit